It’s My Birthday! Will You Help Me?

Yahtzee Game
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Yahtzee Game
Me trying to build excitement for a rousing game of Yahtzee

Today is my 25th birthday! Yay!

When my group of friends asked me if there was anything special I wanted to do to celebrate, I replied “let’s just have a quiet evening with some dinner, wine, and board games.” To which the snarkiest member of the bunch countered, “that’s what we do every night!” Er…

(Geez…after rereading that last sentence, I had a beer and tried to convince myself that I hadn’t already become my grandpa.)

Anyhow, while I await my birthday festivities, I thought it might be fun and extra special if I could convince two of my favorite personal finance ladies to send me a birthday tweet – Suze Orman and Kathy Griffin.

To help convince these ladies that I’m worthy of a birthday tweet, I was wondering if you would ReTweet the message below?

It’s Kyle’s 25th B-day @thepennyhoarder! Help get a B-day twt from his fav PF experts @suzeormanshow @kathygriffin. RT.

Some of you might be shaking your head at my celebrity choices, but let me explain…

When I turned 18 and got my hands on my first credit card – it was a disaster! Even though I knew a great deal about personal finance, I had no self-control. The Suze Orman show became like an AA meeting for me. That one hour a week with Suze helped keep me on track and kept me from swiping my credit card all over town.

As for Kathy Griffin. Besides being a Suze Orman fan like me, the woman is a frugal genius. She is a workhorse and has created a brand like no other “d-list celebrity.” Love her or hate her – you’ve got to admire the fact that she has created an empire.

Anyway – if I haven’t convinced you yet, sorry. We’ll let you pick the celebrities on your birthday. 🙂 Don’t forget to Tweet the message above! Thanks Penny Hoarders!

Update: Thank you to everyone who Retweeted the message above! Suze Orman actually wished me a happy birthday! Success!