This Insurance Company Will Give You $600 a Year for Buying Healthy Food

Life insurance sounds a little morbid, doesn’t it? We usually think about it as a way to take care of your family once you’re, uh… gone.

John Hancock wants to change that — and give a little life (ha!) to its insurance programs.

The company has teamed up with Vitality, which administers health benefits programs for employers and insurers.

If you live a healthy lifestyle — or you’re willing to adopt one — you could save on your insurance policy and your grocery bill.

Any John Hancock life insurance policyholder can sign up, though you may be seeing this, and similar programs, in more workplaces soon. Davina HealthCare Partners, biotech company Amgen and eye-care product developer Alcon have all signed up for health benefits programs for their employees, according to MarketWatch.

What This Program Means for Your Grocery List

Vitality offers a HealthyFood benefit through NutriSavings, alleging you could save up to $600 per year on the groceries you’re probably already buying at 70 different stores, including Wegmans, BJ’s, Giant, Stop & Shop and even Walmart.

Participate and track your savings by registering your discount card at your favorite grocery store. Log in a few days after your store visit to see how healthy your cart was and how much you’ll get in cash rewards.

The NutriSavings HealthyFood sample items list is pretty wholesome. If you’ve ever bought wheat bread or whole-wheat pasta, you’re headed for a discount.

Frozen vegetables are on the produce list, as are bags of mixed greens for salad. And it’s not just name-brand items — items like apples, eggs and milk are eligible, too.

The Great for You item list specific to Walmart is extensive: If you’re craving apple juice, collard greens or a bowl of Raisin Bran, you can get a discount.

Other Ways to Save and Earn with Vitality

After you’re issued your John Hancock life insurance policy, take a quiz to find out how healthy your lifestyle really is. Set goals and get a free Fitbit to track your progress and earn Vitality Points.

Based on your level of participation, you can save up to 15% on your premium for the next policy year.

Members are also eligible for discounts and rewards from retailers like Amazon, REI and Whole Foods. One of the easy ways to earn points is to watch short videos about healthy habits.

Would You Reveal Your Eating or Exercise Habits to Your Employer?

It’s typical to offer details about your lifestyle when getting a life insurance policy. Usually, the company wants to know you’re not morbidly obese or smoking three packs a day before issuing a big policy.

So signing up for John Hancock’s Vitality program might not seem like a stretch for current members.

But what about employers who offer programs through Vitality?

Would you take part if your boss or HR department encouraged you to make better life choices?

MarketWatch found that 85% of employees at insurance brokerage firm Lockton’s Kansas City, Missouri, office have joined its Vitality program since 2011. The few employees who decline to participate usually cite reasons like privacy concerns or not needing the discounts, an HR representative reported.

Vitality told MarketWatch that privacy is paramount, explaining that it sees more complex data than John Hancock or any other partner, and that data is never sold to a third party.

Your Turn: Would you sign up for the Vitality program if you had John Hancock life insurance? What about if your employer offered the program?

Lisa Rowan is a writer, editor and podcaster living in Washington, D.C.