Klout Perks: How to Get Free Stuff From Your Twitter and Facebook Posts

Image: Klout perk
Seth Waite under Creative Commons

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably on social media all day long. I have Twitter open in one tab and Facebook in another, and I check in throughout the day to post, like, reply, share and keep the conversation going.

Well, if you’re active on Twitter, Facebook, or even Instagram, Foursquare, Google Plus or LinkedIn, you can get free and discounted stuff like books, premium liquor, and even red carpet movie premiere tickets. While we’ve covered other ways to win prizes and earn money through social media, this one is different.

It all has to do with your Klout.

What’s Klout?

Klout is, at its core, a system of tracking and building influence across the internet. If that sounds a little complicated, here’s the quick version:

Klout tracks people who are saying interesting things online, aka “influence.”

Klout then encourages those people to build their influence, both by suggesting additional influencers to follow and network with, and by providing products for people with high influence to use and (optionally) review.

That “providing products” bit? Those are Klout Perks.

And that’s where you start to get stuff for free, just by being active on social media.

My Klout Perks

My Klout score, the number that represents the amount of influence I have, is 62. Klout notes that the average Klout score is 40, and that people who have a Klout score of 63 or above are among the top 5% of users. (Barack Obama’s Klout score, for reference, is 99, and The Penny Hoarder’s Klout score is 66.)

Because I am a solid influencer, Klout often offers me perks related to my interests. The coolest perk Klout has ever offered me was the opportunity to “Walk the Red Carpet with the Cadillac ATS,” which included two tickets to the James Bond movie Skyfall as well as complimentary hors d’oeuvres and cocktails.

My current list of perks includes:

  • $5 and $20 coupons for Sauza® 901® Tequila
  • The opportunity to watch the Selfie pilot before it airs on ABC
  • A free copy of Caroline Kepnes’ new thriller, YOU
  • $10 off Moo business cards
  • A free year-long subscription to Red Bull’s magazine, Red Bulletin

These perks are fairly relevant to my interests, and I claimed three of them right away: the Moo business cards, which are being shipped to me right now, the Selfie pilot, which is kind of like New Girl meets Better Off Ted and features Karen Gillan and John Cho, and the free book. (I will never turn down a free book.)

Unfortunately, a lot of other people wanted the Caroline Kepnes book too, and I was added to a waitlist. Just goes to show that when you see a Klout perk you want, you need to claim it quickly!

How to Use Klout to Get Cool Perks

Want free books, discounted tequila or movie premiere tickets? It’s time to sign up for Klout and build up your Klout score.

Link your social media accounts to your Klout profile, and if your Klout score is lower than you want it to be, start tweeting, posting, replying, following and sharing more often. Read Klout’s description of how it gives score rankings to learn what Klout values. For example:

We also consider factors such as how selective the people who interact with your content are. The more a person likes and retweets in a given day, the less each of those individual interactions contributes to another person’s Score. Additionally, we value the engagement you drive from unique individuals. One-hundred retweets from 100 different people contribute more to your Score than do 100 retweets from a single person.

When you see a perk you want, claim it right away. Complete all the steps — if Klout wants you to leave a short review of Selfie, leave the review. (I don’t know whether doing all the steps gets you better perks, but I bet Klout tracks who leaves reviews and who just takes the perks and runs.)

And continue to tweet, post and share the stuff you find interesting, because that’s how you build influence.

Your Turn: What’s your Klout score? Have you ever redeemed a Klout perk? What’s the most awesome thing Klout has ever offered you?