From Ewok to Tootsie Roll: 15 Last-Minute Pet Halloween Costumes Under $20

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Want to make trick-or-treaters and party guests laugh up a storm this Halloween? Dress up your pet in one of these adorable costumes, from a lion to an Ewok to a skunk.

Swing by the thrift or craft store and pick up a few items to make these easy DIY pet costumes.

Not feeling crafty? Buy one of these ready-to-go costumes and your fuzzy friend will be all set for Saturday.

The best part? These costumes are all under $20.

DIY Pet Costumes

A little creativity will help you turn your cat or dog into anything from a dinosaur to an Ewok. Here are a few fun DIY ideas.

1. Cat

Animal Planet shows you how to turn your pup into a cat this Halloween. This easy DIY cat costume just requires a child’s black T-shirt, a bit of felt and a stretchy headband — and you can easily get all three at a thrift store.

Simply cut off the T-shirt sleeves and, if you need a little more space, add a slit to expand the neckline. Then, make sure the elastic headband fits comfortably on your pup and glue two black felt triangles to it.

You’re ready to scare your cats this Halloween!

2. Skunk

dog skunk costume
Julie Feinstein under Creative Commons

Everyone’s afraid of stinky skunks, so why not dress up your pup as this fearsome critter?

Simply grab a child’s black T-shirt, slice off the sleeves, add a stripe of white fabric paint down the back and voila! Your favorite pup is now a skunk.

3. Ghost

dog ghost costume
Tom Feist under Creative Commons

Spook the neighbors by turning your four-legged pal into a ghost for Halloween. This simple DIY costume requires a twin-size white sheet, elastic, a black marker, a needle and thread, and a patient pup.

Drape the sheet over your dog to check the costume’s size (see where the patient part comes in?) and follow these directions from PetMD to mark where you’ll cut holes for your dog’s eyes, ears and snout.

One you cut out the holes, add the elastic to the back of the costume’s neck and you’re ready to go!

4. Stegosaurus

Who doesn’t want their ferocious bundle of fur to turn into a scary stegosaurus?

This costume by Martha Stewart doesn’t even require any sewing. Just grab a child’s green T-shirt or tank top and some green felt, then use these cut-out templates to create some fearsome dino spikes.

5. Ewok

Ewok dog costume
Image from Munchkin the Teddy Bear

Get ready for the new “Star Wars” movie by dressing your pup as an Ewok this Halloween. You’ll need a large piece of brown felt (not craft squares — get the “by-the-yard” felt) and a leather string or fine rope.

To fashion this costume, begin by measuring your pup. See how large of an oval you’ll need for a face hole, make a few cuts in the felt and add the leather string for decoration.

6. Bat

cat bat costume
Image from

Turn your favorite cat into a bat with this easy DIY bat costume. Grab some felt, pipe cleaners and velcro.

Print out these bat wing templates as a guide for the wings. Cut a felt chest strap, add pipe cleaners to the wings for stability and add a velcro fastener to get the sizing just right. Then let your cat enjoy this comfy, lightweight costume!

Online and In-store Pet Costumes

Not into making your own? These ready-made pet costumes are cheap and fun — just order them quickly so they’ll arrive before Halloween!

7. Wide Retriever

Football dog costume
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Head into your local Target and snap up a Wide Retriever costume for your pup for just $6.99.

If you don’t feel like stopping by the store, check out Target’s shipping options to see the best way to get this adorable costume home.

8. Rufferee

If your pup’s more the officiating type, grab a Rufferee costume from Target for $6.99 and have your pet call the shots.

9. Bowtie Cat Collar

cat bow tie
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Make your cat even classier than he or she already is with this fun bowtie. It’s only $3.49 at Petco, which is 30% off the normal price for this great one-piece costume that fastens with a simple Velcro closure.

10. Jester

Jester dog costume
Image from

Think your dog’s funny? She’ll be even funnier with this hilarious jester costume from Petco.

On sale for just $3.99 (50% off regular price), this simple, stretchy costume with fun bell accents will make anyone laugh at your adorable pet.

11. Tarantula

Spider dog costume
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Make your sweet pup creepy and crawly this Halloween with this great fuzzy tarantula costume for just $19.82 on Amazon. It even has bendable legs for easy posing.

If you have Amazon Prime, you’ll get free two-day shipping. If not, you’ll probably want to spring for the two-day option so you can have your costume in time!

12. Butterfly

Butterfly dog costume
Image from

Make your cute pup into a butterfly with this fun costume. It features an antenna headpiece and a set of foam wings for just $9.13 on Amazon.

13. Small Lion

Lion cat costume
Image from

We dare you to keep a straight face when you come across a kitty donning this lion mane costume.

While small dogs can also wear this fun little outfit, you’ll get a bonus catnip toy with your purchase, and this item is just $19.95 on Amazon.

14. Big Lion

Dog lion costume
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Why should cats have all the fun? Make your golden retriever a fearsome predator with this “terrifying” lion mane costume.

It’s just $13.99 on Amazon and includes a wig that fits a large or medium dog’s neck.

15. Tootsie Roll

Tootsie roll dog costume
Image from

Turn your pet into a full-sized Tootsie Roll with this doggie costume for sale on Amazon for just $19.99.

Be sure to pass out Tootsie Rolls to the little trick-or-treaters who come by your door when your pet is on patrol in this awesome outfit.

Your Turn: Does your pet have a Halloween costume this year?

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