Born on Leap Day? Here’s Where to Get Free Pizza and Dessert

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About 12,000 people are born in the U.S. each Leap Day, the every-four-years anomaly when February tries just a little bit harder to act like a normal month.

If you’re one of them, you know birthdays are weird.

Would a free pizza make you feel better?

We think probably.

How to Get Free Pizza Today

“Born on Leap Day? We got you,” Pizza Hut promises on Facebook.

Take your government ID to Pizza Hut on Monday, February 29, and you’ll get a free Personal Pan Pizza.

They want “to help make up for all the lost birthdays,” because clearly anyone who only has a birthday every four years has never felt the awkwardness of a Pizza Hut party, where the only place for adults to hover is around the salad bar.

More Leap Day Birthday Freebies

After you eat your pizza, keep your ID handy and head over to Olive Garden for dessert.

The Italian restaurant chain is offering leaplings four free Dolcini desserts.

The coupon on OG’s Facebook page doesn’t specify whether you need to make a purchase to get the free dessert, but can you really pass up unlimited salad and breadsticks?

The offer’s good through March 6, so if you’re busy throwing yourself a party tonight, you can fill up on desserts later in the week.

And don’t forget to check out our list of 100 places that offer birthday freebies.

You might as well flash your driver’s license all day and take advantage of this fabulous opportunity to get carded.

Your Turn: Do you have a Leap Day birthday? Will you take advantage of these deals?

Lisa Rowan is a writer, editor and podcaster based in Washington, D.C. She celebrates her birthday every year (how boring).