If You’re a Veteran, You Can Save 20% at the Online Military Exchange

A veteran does a push up with his son on his back laughing.
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These days, troops and veterans can visit the PX on their phones or computers. If you’re a veteran and you’re not shopping on the online military exchange, you might be missing out on some serious discounts. At the very least, you can shop there tax-free.

Brick-and-mortar military exchanges can be found on military bases around the world. The exact terminology varies by armed service; some examples include base exchange (BX) and post exchange (PX).

They started as trading posts in 1895 and now resemble department stores or strip malls. But there’s an online version, too.

More than 18 million honorably discharged veterans of all the armed forces can shop the online exchange at ShopMyExchange.com. Shopping there gives you access to:

  • Tax-free shopping
  • Military-exclusive pricing
  • Members-only credit options
  • Free shipping on orders over $49

You also get free shipping on any amount if you use the exchange’s Military Star credit card.

On average, exchanges provide about a 20% discount compared to commercial department stores when you factor in both the lower prices and the military’s exemption from state and local taxes, according to websites like Military Advantage.

This benefit was extended to veterans in 2017. Previously, access to military exchanges had been limited to active-duty military, veterans who retired from the military, Medal of Honor recipients, or those honorably discharged with a 100% disability rating due to service-connected injuries.

You can shop by category on the site, with choices including electronics, clothes, shoes, furniture, appliances, jewelry, toys and sports gear.

If you’re looking for bargains, the online military exchange has a “Savings Center” page with rotating clearance sales of everything from computers and TVs to toys, bedding and kitchenware. There’s also a rotating “deal of the day,” which might be something like 50% off a few select toys.

Every purchase veterans make online helps improve the quality of life for active-duty troops, says Tom Shull, a Vietnam veteran who is the Exchange Service’s director and CEO.

Earnings from the exchange help pay for programs such as fitness centers, child development centers and youth programs on Army garrisons, Air Force outdoor recreation programs, school lunches for warfighters’ children overseas and more.

“This is a virtuous cycle,” Shull said.

Mike Brassfield ([email protected]) is a senior writer at The Penny Hoarder.