Coupon Codes, Freebies and More: 9 Money-Saving Social Media Groups You Should Join

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Finding a community of like-minded people who share budgeting goals can help you stay focused on creating wealth and financial freedom. Social media networks provide the perfect platform for budget groups where users are encouraged to share advice, support one another through money-saving challenges and trade tips, deals and discounts.

From coupon-clipping Facebook groups to frugal YouTube channels, these social media accounts can help you cash in on the best money-saving content across the internet.

5 Places to Score Money Saving Tips on Social Media

Whether you need extra cash, budget recipe ideas or investing advice, creating a sense of community is easy when you congregate in the free spaces social media companies provide.

Find Money-Saving Content With These 9 Facebook Groups

No matter your money management priorities, there’s a Facebook group for that. Facebook is home to a thriving support hub eager to share knowledge and improve the daily life of its members.

1. Coupon Mamas

Also known as Couponers United, this group aims to find and share coupons and promote other ways to save money.

2. Passionate Penny Pincher

If living on the cheap is your superpower, this Facebook page might be for you. Passionate Penny Pincher focuses on frugal lifestyle tips and how to do more with less.

3. Money Saving Mom Deal Seekers

Calling all shopping junkies. If there’s a discount to be had at your favorite retailers, Money Saving Mom Deal Seekers will find it.

4. Spend Less, Live Better

This money-saving group subscribes to a simple idea: Spending less is the best way to have more money. If that sounds like your kind of strategy, then stop by and join.

5. Shopaholics

As an Amazon-affiliated account, Shopaholics focuses on finding the best deals across several brands on the popular retail site.

6. Money Saving Hints, Tips and Ideas

With one of the largest groups of followers out of any money-saving Facebook pages, Money Saving Hints, Tips and Ideas gathers advice about making money and managing money from across the world.

7. Deals and Codes Junkies

The Deals and Codes Junkies crowd loves a discount and is not ashamed to own it. Next time you’re trying to scout a sale, make this your first stop.

8. Original WalmartLowe’s Bargain Hunters

Never miss another rollback with this hub dedicated to saving money, specifically at Walmart and Lowe’s

9. Saving Money

You don’t have to undertake the journey to save alone. Saving Money encourages members to add friends and family who support building savings, getting out of debt and improving their finances.

Save Money With Twitter

Twitter communities, hidden in the sidebar menu some months back, never really caught on. But the platform is still a great way to keep tabs on or get support from a business. In fact, if you’re having trouble getting a customer service issue resolved, tweeting at a company or dropping into direct messages is still an effective way to get a resolution.

You can also follow individual brands or popular discount or deal accounts to get early access to sales and other money-saving alerts.

Find the Best Money-Saving Tips on Instagram

Instagram doesn’t have groups, but it has harnessed the power of the hashtag. If you have an Instagram account, you can use the pound sign (#), followed by keywords, to scout out deals. Try “coupon” or “promo” hashtags but heed some social media savvy advice and steer clear of the comments.

There’s also more than one way to harness social media for profit. Becoming an influencer can gain access to sponsors that promote your content and provide free products. And the power of micro-influencers proves that follower count doesn’t matter as much as expertise in a particular niche.

Accounts to follow:

Take on TikTok’s Money-Saving Challenges

Young people love TikTok, but it’s not always the best place to grab good financial advice. However, TikTok can keep you on track if you’re looking for motivation to try a money-saving challenge (think the weird and somewhat effective viral 100 envelopes hack).

Accounts to follow:

Learn Money-Saving Hacks on YouTube

From an early age, Gen Z preferred this video-based social media platform for a reason. YouTube can be a highly educational space, especially for those looking to lean into a frugal lifestyle or expand a repertoire of money-making DIY skills.

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Other Ways to Start Saving Money With Social Media Sites

In addition to joining coupon groups and scouting out sales and discounts, social media can be your financial superpower if you know how to use it correctly.

Follow Brands You Shop

While random discounts might incentivize you to try something new, scoring deals on things you actually buy for your family is the real holy grail. Following brands you like and often buy on social media could help you win a giveaway or access to an exclusive sale.

Don’t Forget About Facebook Marketplace

Facebook is one of the few social media companies with a resale platform built into the app. Facebook Marketplace makes selling and buying secondhand stuff easier (and potentially safer) than some platforms.

Join a Buy Nothing Group

Rack up serious savings by joining the ultimate frugality find. Buy nothing groups create a marketplace of waste not, want not by focusing on exchanging instead of purchasing goods. You can find one near you on Facebook, NextDoor or other websites.

Meet Up With Other Money Savers

Pull up a chair online and drop in to chat with other money-saving gurus in Meetup’s groups. These online hubs are clustered by locale, so they’re also great spots to find budget travel tips.

Kaz Weida is a senior staff writer at The Penny Hoarder covering saving money and budgeting. As a journalist, she has written about a wide array of topics including finance, health, politics, education and technology for the last decade.