Pi Day Deals You Don’t Have to be a Math Nerd to Enjoy

A man bites into a whole pie of pizza at a restaurant.
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Remember math class? Everyone knows what pi is, right?

It’s the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, expressed as the number 3.14. The long version is 3.14159265358979323846264 et cetera to infinity. What could be simpler than that?

Well, a good tasty bargain would be simpler. Luckily, a slew of national pizza and pie chains are offering deals and discounts for National Pi Day, which is held annually on March 14 (3/14). Hey, that’s Thursday!

You don’t need to be a math nerd to grab these deals, but don’t dawdle. Unless otherwise specified, these discounts are good only on Thursday.

Pi Day Deals on Pizza

Unsurprisingly, pizza joints are really into Pi Day.


OK, so our first one isn’t actually a pizza place. But members of the convenience store’s 7Rewards loyalty program can buy any flavor large pizza for $3.14. You can also get the deal on the 7NOW delivery app.

Since 7-Eleven owns Speedway, you can get the same deal there if you’re a Speedy Rewards member.

Blaze Pizza

At this chain’s approximately 300 locations, pizza lovers can get any 11-inch pizza for $3.14, with your choice of toppings — but not including crust upgrades. The deal is in-restaurant only.

(In Canada, the offer is a buy one, get one for $3.14 in Canadian dollars.)

BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse

It has a dine-in deal where you can get a mini pizza with one topping for $3.14.

Burger King

The fast food chain is offering a free Hershey’s® Sundae Pie with any purchase of $3.14 or more.

California Pizza Kitchen

Sign up for CPK rewards to get an original BBQ chicken pizza, pepperoni or traditional cheese pizza for $3.14 on Thursday. The deal is dine-in only and comes with a minimum $25 purchase.

Pieology Pizzeria

Pies and Perks members will get two perks with a create-your-own pizza or calzone purchase on Thursday. Sign up to become a member on or before Thursday to get the deal.

Pizza Hut

The pizza chain is offering its deal from March 12-14. Buy a large menu-priced pizza and get a free large one topping pizza at participating locations.

Round Table Pizza

This California-based chain with more than 400 locations is offering personal-sized cheese pizzas for $3.14 with the purchase of a large or extra large pizza. You have to be a Round Table Pizza Royal Rewards member to get the discount.


Like 7-Eleven, this isn’t strictly a pizza place. But it has pizzas! If you’re a Schlotzsky’s Rewards member — and who isn’t? — you can get $3.14 off any pizza or flatbread.


Slice typically posts an offer on its Facebook page on Pi Day. In past years it was a coupon code that got you $7 off a pizza. (Slice is really into Pi Day and has even posted a pizza math problem on its blog. It uses pi to calculate whether a large pizza or two medium pizzas is more food.)

Pi Day Deals That Don’t Involve Pizza

Pizza places can’t have all the fun on Pi Day. Other places like to get in on the act — mostly pie places, but other places, too.

Fresh Market

This high-end grocery chain typically has in-store deals on Pi Day on items like frozen chicken pot pies and 9-inch pies from the bakery.

Just like pi, the bargains and deals are never-ending here at The Penny Hoarder.

Never-ending? Pi? Get it?

Sorry, we couldn’t resist.

Mike Brassfield ([email protected]) is a senior writer at The Penny Hoarder.