28 Toys, Treats and Other Fantastic Freebies for Your Pets

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Pets are beloved members of many families, and it’s natural to want to spoil them. But food and toys can be expensive. Fortunately, there are loads of freebies available for your furry friends.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the top freebies for cats and dogs that you can snatch with only a few simple steps. There are more clever ways to save money on your cat and dog than you may think.

If you own a pet and are looking to reduce spending, here are three money moves that every pet owner should make.

Free Pet Food Samples

Pet food manufacturers tend to offer free samples of their products on occasion. Here are some options we found for obtaining free pet food samples for your dog or cat. From special dog broth to lickable cat stews, we have a wide selection for you.

  • The Pet Pantry: Another online store, this website will provide samples to your pets on request. Shipping is free within North Carolina; otherwise, USPS shipping charges will apply.
  • Hartz: The Hartz company is offering a number of free samples to pet owners. When it comes to food, cat owners can get a free sample of lickable treat stews.
  • Fur Buddies: Sign up for this website to receive free samples for your cat or dog. All you need to do is to provide feedback on the product you receive.
  • Brutus Broth: When you fill out this form with your phone number, you’ll receive 50% back via PayPal or Venmo after you purchase a 3-pack of Brutus Bone Broth at one of 30 Pacific Northwest Costo locations.  This broth can be poured atop any standard bowl of dog food for added nutrition.
  • Taste of the Wild: You’ll need to ring up the 1-800 phone number for Taste of the Wild, but if you do, you’ll receive a free sample pack of the company’s dog or cat products.
  • PINCHme: Just answer a brief survey about your tastes, and then apply for samples. After that, just check your mailbox for your freebies.
If you’re looking to spay or neuter your dog or cat, you’ll want to check out these free spay and neuter services for your pet.

Free Pet Treats From Restaurants

Humans aren’t the only ones who enjoy the occasional free sample; some restaurants and cafes offer treats for your pet at no charge. We’ve picked out a few food joints that will give your pup a free treat and get that tail wagging.

  • Starbucks: Ask your barista for a Puppuccino the next time you stop by and you’ll receive a free cup of whipped cream for your furry friend.
  • Dunkin’ Donuts: This popular donut and coffee joint will sometimes provide your pup with a free treat, such as a cup of whipped cream (aka a puppy latte).
  • Tim Hortons: Canadian and American coffee chain Tim Hortons offers up a mini-donut treat for your dog at select locations.
  • Dairy Queen: Delicious ice cream snacks aren’t just for humans. Ask for a Pup Cup at the drive-thru and you may just get a free vanilla ice cream with a dog treat on top.
  • Chick-fil-A: Fried chicken isn’t the only thing on the menu. Ask for a dog treat at the drive-thru, and your pup may get a free Milk-Bone.
  • Culver’s: If you have a Culver’s burger and ice cream joint in your area, you may be able to grab a free dog treat at the drive-thru — just ask!
  • Andy’s Frozen Custard: A sweet treat on a hot day is a perfect pickup for your furry friend. Just ask for a free puppy cone the next time you are at Andy’s.

Free Pet Supplies and Prizes

Our furry friends don’t just want food (although they do love it). Manufacturers also offer free pet supplies for cats and dogs. From cat litter to doggy-waste cleanup bags, you can try out a range of products without spending a cent.

  • Flush Doggy: Head over to the Flush Doggy website to sign up for the company’s newsletter and receive a sample of its flushable dog-waste bags.
  • Dr. Elsey: The Dr. Elsey brand is known for producing top-notch litter for cats. To prove how well its product works, it’ll offer you a rebate of up to $20 off a bag of litter.
  • BringFido: Do you plan on taking a trip? The BringFido website will help you find a place to stay that is pet friendly. If you book a room, it’ll provide you with a free dog toy for your best friend.
  • Hartz: Seeking out odor-eliminating dog pads? Hartz has you covered and will send you a free sample if you fill out a form. You can also receive a free cat toy or dog toy if you fill out the appropriate online form.
  • Publishers Clearing House: How does $10,000 for your pet sound? PCH doesn’t only have sweepstakes for humans — enter this one for your pet.
  • Modern Cat: The magazine Modern Cat is constantly giving away freebies. Check its website for details on its latest giveaways.
  • Modern Dog: If you prefer animals that bark, Modern Dog magazine also has free giveaways. Visit the website to enter.
  • Purina: Earn, track and redeem your points from purchases for free items when you sign up for myPurina.
Pet insurance isn’t free, but it could save you from huge vet bills in the long run. Lemonade is one of the most affordable options. Policies start at just $10 a month.

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Free Pet Medical Care and Products

One part of pet parenting is ensuring your animal friends receive the best care. We’ve searched the web for companies offering free medical products or care. Here are the best free pet medical care products and services we found.

  • Banfield: This pet hospital is offering a complimentary visit to new clients. Banfield has multiple locations around the United States.
  • Nupro: The Nupro company has been in the pet supplement game for over 30 years. To receive a free product sample, just call 800-360-3300.
  • Yoos: Receive a free dog collar infused with essential oils that this company says helps with occasional joint stiffness and joint mobility.
  • Fauna Care: If you have a cat, dog or even a horse, Fauna Care is offering a free sample of its wound care spray while supplies last.
  • ASPCA: Known for the fantastic work it does to champion pet safety and care, the ASPCA will send you a free pet safety pack for filling out a form.
  • Nexderm: Get a free set that includes a healing spray and gel for your pet simply by visiting the Nexderm website.
  • Dermabliss: If your dog is having seasonal allergy issues or dermatitis, you may want to grab a free Dermabliss veterinary clinic sample for it.

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