7 Pet Rewards Programs That Will Fetch You Big Savings

Petco rewards
Penny Hoarder writer Kelly Smith sits with her dog Wrigley in her Tampa, Fla., apartment. Samantha Dunscombe/The Penny Hoarder

Ever since I rescued my pooch last March, I’ve become one of those obsessive, overbearing dog moms who showers her fur baby with treats and toys.

I can’t help it — something about that wrinkled face and wagging tail makes me such a sucker! I would spend all my money on Wrigley if I could.

All the goodies start to add up, though. Fortunately, I’ve discovered a great way to get some relief: pet loyalty rewards programs.

If you’re like me and would spoil your pet with every gift imaginable if you could, these programs will make pet parenting a bit easier on your wallet.

How Pet Loyalty Rewards Programs Work

Some of these programs are similar to grocery store and retail rewards programs: Spend some money, and get something in return, such as points. Others give you advance notice of sales or send you coupons for exclusive members-only sales.

The programs with point systems track what you buy over time and reward you for your spending. When you accumulate enough points, you’ll receive freebies or a discount on a future purchase. The others are a bit simpler and deliver coupons straight to your inbox.

(Warning: Most of these programs require you to enter your email address to sign up. If you’re worried about your inbox getting cluttered with promotional emails, check out these tips on how to tidy it up!)

And these programs aren’t just for dogs. There are rewards programs available for all types of pets — everything from reptiles to kitty cats.

Rewards Programs That Are Paws-itively Purrfect

Petco rewards
Wrigley plays with his toys in his Tampa, Fla., apartment. Samantha Dunscombe/The Penny Hoarder

Pet Supermarket: V.I.P

Pet Supermarket’s V.I.P pet loyalty rewards program is a good option if your dog or cat has a favorite brand of food.

If you buy 10 bags or cases of cans of the same brand of dog or cat food within 12 months, you’ll receive a coupon for a free bag or case of that brand.

If you own both a dog and a cat, you can buy multiple bags at the same time to reach 10 purchases more quickly. Or you can keep your purchases of dog food and cat food separate. The same goes for wet food and dry food purchases. Keep in mind, though, that your coupon will be for the smallest product by weight you purchased.

Petco: Pals Rewards

Petco rewards

In the Pals Rewards program, you receive five rewards dollars for every $100 you spend. This makes you eligible for $5 off your next purchase.

I use this pet loyalty program because it also gives you 20% off recurring orders and free shipping. I first signed up just to get 20% off a large bag of puppy food. Because Wrigley was a growing boy and couldn’t live off puppy food forever, I canceled the recurring order, but I still got the discount.

The rewards automatically load onto your card, which is perfect considering I don’t have a printer to print out coupons.

Pals Rewards also sends your pet free treats on his or her birthday. Sometimes, it offers double rewards on full-service baths, training packages, supplements and more.

One important thing to note: Pals Reward Dollars expire 45 days after they’re issued. But if you’re a frequent shopper, it’s a great choice.

PetSmart: PetPerks

Petco Rewards

PetPerks doesn’t work on a rewards points basis, but it’s still a helpful option when it comes to saving on your pet purchases.

By signing up for a free account — just enter your email address and other basic info — you can enroll in deal alerts specific to what you’re looking to buy: dog beds, treats, grooming products, toys and more.

Additionally, there are exclusive in-store coupons for PetPerks members that you can access from the website.

Publix: Publix Paws

Here’s another reason to love Publix: The Southern grocery chain has its own pet loyalty program!

The Publix Paws club is for dog and cat owners. To sign up, all you’ll have to do is provide your email address. Members receive monthly coupons for pet food, accessories, toys and treats!

On top of offering insider notification when stores have pet product sales, Publix Paws will also email you expert advice about ways to keep your furry one healthy and happy.

PetFoodDirect: PFD Rewards

Petco rewards
Pet Food Direct/Facebook

I’ll be honest: I just discovered PetFoodDirect. Its rewards program is similar to Petco’s — but it’s so much more fulfilling that I’m definitely joining.

PFD Rewards works on a point system in which every dollar you spend earns points. Members who participate in the Auto Ship program for recurring orders earn double points. If you refer a friend to the rewards program, you get 300 points. Heck, you even get 15 points just for signing up!

So, what do you do with all of those points? Well, you can use it toward purchases…

…Or, you can feed animals in need at certified rescue organizations and shelters. *Be still, my heart.*

Redeem 150 points to donate one meal; 400 points for three meals; or 600 points for five meals. I love it.

If you rack up the points big time, you can treat yo’self — I mean, your pet. When you reach 1,000 points, you can redeem them for a discount on any single order.

I rescued my dog, Wrigley, so I know how important it is to support programs that take care of animals in need. If you want to do some good while you shop, sign up for this rewards program.

Kaytee: Email Newsletter

Petco Rewards
Kaytee Pets/Facebook

If you love unique animals — think lovebirds, gerbils, rabbits and chinchillas — you may be familiar with Kaytee, a store that sells products for small animals, pet birds and wild birds.

Kaytee has an email newsletter you can sign up for here that includes coupons and specials.

When you sign up, you can specify what kind of animals you have, so you’ll only get offers relevant to your pets.

Tetra Rewards Program

This company isn’t for cat or dog owners — Tetra sells food and supplies for fish and marine reptiles!

According to Kiplinger, the average cost of caring for a fish for its lifetime ranges from $270 to $410, and tank setup is the biggest expense.

The good news, though, is by opting in to Tetra’s rewards program, you’ll receive coupons and information on sales and special offers to help you with those costs. If you want to have a personal aquarium, consider joining Tetra’s rewards program!

To enroll, head to Tetra’s website, scroll to the bottom of the home page, and enter your email in the “brand newsletter” sign-up box. You’re all set!

Your Turn: Will you opt in to any of these pet loyalty rewards programs? Let us know in the Facebook comments!

Kelly Smith is a junior writer and engagement specialist at The Penny Hoarder and a senior at The University of Tampa. She loves her doggo.