9 Quality Cozy Slippers You Can Buy For Under $90

A woman props her feet up on a yellow pillow. She's wearing brown slippers on her feet.
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It’s hard to believe it’s slipper season once again. But as the leaves start to fall and the weather turns chillier, now’s a great time to make sure you have everything you need for the cold season ahead, especially when it comes to everyday comfort items, like your go-to slippers.

While it’s tempting to buy the first pair of fuzzy slippers you find on sale, we all know the maxim “you get what you pay for” has never been truer than when it comes to footwear. So rather than settling or splurging, we compiled this list of the best quality slippers you can buy for under $90.

Whether you’re looking for a cozy pair of daily slip-ons, some rugged indoor-outdoor slides, or even a pair of post-shower fuzzies, this list has something for everyone. Here are nine of the absolute best slippers you can buy for less than $90.

Best Memory Foam: RockDove Women’s Two-Tone

Best Fuzzy: Fireside by Dearfoams

Best Orthopedic: Charlotte Orthotic Slipper

Best Indoor/Outdoor: L.L. Bean Mountain Slippers

Best Wool: Haflinger Freddie Slipper

Best Slipper Sock: Bomba’s Gripper Slipper

Best Sandal: Cozyfurry Women’s Fuzzy Slippers

Best Booties: Women’s Recycled Ela Booties

Green memory foam slippers.
Photo courtesy of RockDove

1. Best Memory Foam

Slipper: RockDove Women’s Original Two-Tone Memory Foam Slipper

Price: $28

Memory foam isn’t just a great material for mattresses, it’s also a pretty rad base for cozy slippers. And if you’re looking for a pair of comfortable, quality slippers at a great price, these two-tone memory foam slippers from RockDove are pretty hard to beat.

“As a remote worker and freelancer, I spend a lot of time at home, so it’s essential that I have something comfortable to wear on my feet,” said Mario Cacciottolo, PR & Branding Manager at SBO. “I absolutely love my two-tone memory foam slippers from RockDove, they’re lightweight, hardwearing, and practical, and the rubber soles mean that I can wander into the garden for my morning coffee without having to change.”

A beige fuzzy slipper from Dearfoams.
Photo courtesy of Dearfoams

2. Best Fuzzy Slipper

Slipper: Fireside by Dearfoams

Price: $89

There’s no denying the high price, but if it’s fuzz you’re after, there’s really nothing quite like the Fireside slipper by Dearfoams (currently on sale for $50). I’m personally in my second year with these super fuzzy slippers, which also come with moisture-wicking temperature regulating soles.

Translation? These slippers are perfect for shoulder season and freezing winter temps alike, because your feet are less likely to sweat, even with the ultra fuzzy interior. These slippers are also equally cozy with or without socks, and while I wouldn’t recommend wearing them to the grocery store, the soles are durable enough for quick stints outdoors (like grabbing the mail).

A beige photo of a slipper from Orthofeet.
Photo courtesy of Orthofeet

3. Best Orthopedic

Slipper: Charlotte Orthotic Slipper 

Price: $89

When it comes to buying orthopedic anything, you can expect to pay a little more. But these orthopedic slippers are still pretty fairly priced, especially considering how well-rated they are online, with over a thousand five-star reviews.

“Whenever I’m looking for a good orthotic shoe, I look to OrthoFeet,” said C.T Price, CEO at Life Grows Green. “The Charlotte Orthotic Slipper is my recommendation for this category, because it offers arch support and promotes healthy posture. While it is $89, this slipper is known to alleviate pressure on the feet, and comes with removable arch support insoles, and extra cushioning in the heel.”

A brown slipper from LL Bean.
Photo courtesy of L.L. Bean

4. Best Indoor/Outdoor

Slipper: L.L. Bean Mountain Slippers

Price: $69

For those who frequently go in and out all winter long, it’s worth investing in a pair of slippers with soles that were made to withstand the elements. For that, Tim Schroeder, founder of Learn About Shoes, recommends L.L. Bean Mountain Slippers.

“L.L. Bean Mountain Slippers pass my standard checklist for a sturdy slip-on pair,” Schroeder said. “They have a warm and cozy fleece layer quilted inside the shoes. The memory foam helps provide excellent arch support for everyday use.”

5. Best Wool Slippers

Slipper: Haflinger Freddie Slipper

Price: $69

If you live in a truly frigid climate, you’re going to want wool slippers that go the extra mile to keep your toes warm. For that, we like the Haflinger Freddie Slipper. While many all-wool slippers cost well over $100, this pair is much more affordable at only $69.

“I’m personally a fan of the Haflinger Freddie Slipper,” Price said. “I’ve always loved wool slippers, but used to worry about comfort, wool can be scratchy! The interior lining of this slipper shields the foot from the outside wool without sacrificing the warmth the wool offers.”

Off white slipper socks from Bombas.
Photo courtesy of Bombas

7. Best Slipper Sock

Slipper: Women’s Gripper Slipper

Price: $45

Don’t like lots of bulk on your feet but still looking for an extra cozy layer? Then you might just want to try a pair of Bombas, which makes some of the best and most affordable slipper socks on the market.

I personally love these sock slippers for their slender profile, grippy bottoms, and cozy lining. But probably the best thing about Bombas is how easily they can be folded away and stored for the off-season or in your suitcase—making them the perfect budget travel slipper.

8. Best Sandal Slipper

Slipper: Cozyfurry Women’s Fuzzy Slippers

Price: $27

Whether you live in a warmer climate or just want something cozy to wear right out of the shower, these fuzzy sandal slippers have thousands of 4.6 star reviews on Amazon, and they’re currently on sale for $20.

“Nothing beats the soft sensation of a comfy, fuzzy slipper,” Price said. “I’ve heard nothing but great things about these slippers from friends who say they’re very soft, and great quality for the price.”

A black and brown boot slipper from Acorn.
Photo courtesy of Acorn

9. Best Booties

Slipper :Women’s Recycled Ela Booties

Price: $65

For when you want something that covers more than just your toes, nothing does it quite like a pair of booties. These Recycled Ela Booties from Acorn are made of high-quality recycled berber, with suede uppers and grippy rubber soles.

Unlike a lot of other booties, these ones can actually withstand some light outdoor wear, while still providing that soft wool warmth of an indoor slipper. One reviewer said, “They’re extremely comfortable and warm. A nice amount of cushion, with enough support on the bottom that I can step out into the yard without the bottom of my feet getting wet.

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