Happy Prime Day! Here Are the 6 Wildest ‘Deals’ Up for Grabs

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If you’ve been within 10 feet of the internet in the past few days, you’ve surely heard the news.

Amazon Prime Day is here — Amazon’s blatant attempt to recruit more Prime members and beat the mid-year slump disguised as a mega-sale “bigger than black Friday.”

To be sure, there are tons of great deals to nab. And since they roll out intermittently between now and Amazon Prime Day (July 12 and 13), you can also use it as an excuse to shop online at work. Win-win, am I right?

But some of the stuff you stand to “save” money on is just …

Well, we’ll let you be the judge.

6 Ridiculous Amazon Prime Day Deals

Since you’ve probably already seen a billion “Favorite Prime Day Deals” lists, we scoured the site to find the most outrageous items being offered up at a discount.

Here are the six most hilarious Prime Day “deals” we could find.

1. Pet Dryer with Adjustable Speed and Temperature Control

It’s hard to imagine spending more on a hair dryer for your dog than a hair dryer for yourself.

But this early Amazon Prime Day deal on a specialty pet dryer can make that a reality — and might even save you some money if you’re switching to DIY dog grooming.

This tricked out device gives “you more than enough oomph” to dry doggies with heavy coats. It also comes with a noise reduction motor, three nozzles and an adjustable spring house.

Hopefully your pup appreciates all that.

2. Sailor With His Arm Around a Mermaid Wall Art

In the market for some strange nautical art?

Probably not. But this quirky print of a sailor with his arm around a mermaid doesn’t disappoint.

Could make a great gift for the sailor — or mermaid — in your life.

3. Robot Vacuum With Visual SLAM Navigation, Multi-Level Mapping, Wi-Fi Compatible With Alexa

I thought I hated vacuuming.

But apparently, my game is weak, since some folks would pay more than $300 for a robot vacuum to clean their floors. And that’s after Amazon’s huge discount — this thing is usually $749.99!

We’re also not sure why you need this, but the vacuum comes with a video function. You can capture images and even use the device’s microphone to speak through the robotic cleaner.

Why? We honestly have no clue.

4.  Octopus Ice Tray

Not sure why you’d be tempted to buy this octopus ice tray — even if it is on discount ahead of Amazon Prime Day.

But here it is anyway — in all of its what-in-the-world glory.

5. Halloween Articulated Fingers, 3D Printed Articulated Finger Extensions

Halloween may be a few months away, but these strange finger extensions can take your spooky game to the next level.

I mean, if creepy skeleton fingers are your thing — more power to you, I guess?

6. Rechargeable Electric Wine Preservation System

Maybe this fancy electric wine preservation system seems ridiculous because wine never lasts very long in my house.

It’s also a bit over the top — you can open a bottle of wine in eight seconds with a touch of a button, according to the ad.

But can’t you just open a bottle of wine the old fashion way in, what, 20 seconds?

At least with this early Amazon Prime Day deal, you can get the fancy contraption 40% to 50% off depending on the color.

Cheers to that?

Rachel Christian is a Certified Educator in Personal Finance and a senior writer for The Penny Hoarder. Former staff writer Jamie Cattanach also contributed.