9 Simple Hair Care Hacks to Save Money on Your Mane

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Obsessed with a delicious smelling, expensive shampoo? We get it. While Moroccan Oil, Kerastase and basically any product from Lush all make your head smell like you’ve just skipped happily through a fairy tale garden, they have something else in common as well — high price tags.

Since we want to have our cake and eat it too, we researched ways to save money on your hair care routine — enough to justify the splurge on those higher-end products we love. Plus, we included a few hair care hacks to make your beauty budget last.

Saving money on the daily can result in those extra bucks you need for a splurge like Moroccan Oil. So, how can you save money on your everyday hair care routine? We’ve rounded up 9 genius ways to be sure you’re making the most of the products you have while hacking your routine for maximum savings.

9 Hair Care Hacks to Save Money on Your Hair Care Routine

With a little outside-the-box thinking, you can create a less expensive hair care process.

1. Wash your hair less.

Without a doubt, this is the toughest tip on the list — but hear us out. Washing your hair less means you use less shampoo and conditioner. When you use less, those big splurge products you love last longer.

There’s a hair health benefit, too. Over time, the less you wash your hair the more your scalp’s natural oils will adjust. After the first few weeks, you’ll notice that your scalp is less like an oil slick.

What to do for those first few weeks? We’ve got you covered. Keep reading to find out how to combat the grease.

2. Spot wash or use DIY dry shampoo.

Dry shampoo is a miracle, but the ones that work well often have high price tags. You can save a few bucks making your own from pantry staples you probably already have around the house. Whip up a batch of DIY dry shampoo using a simple recipe, give your hair a good comb through and voila, you’re ready to walk out the door with more money in your pocket.

No room in your schedule for a full shampoo, condition and blow out? Another hack for those in between days is a spot wash. A common area that gets greasy first is just above the ears. Take a few extra minutes to splash some water there, massage in a bit of shampoo, and rinse. It takes less time and uses less product than a regular shampoo, and you get a few more days before you have to go through the entire process.

3. Use pantry staples to make hair care products at home.

Speaking of DIY hair care products, there are many great recipes available. Whether you want to save money on the basics like shampoo and conditioner, or even more speciality items like shine spray or a hair mask, these recipes will meet all your DIY hair care needs.

It takes some adjusting when you start using pantry items like apple cider vinegar and baking soda, but combine your new flowing, shiny locks with the savings you’ll notice after just one month, and it will be hard to go back.

Here’s a price comparison of DIY shampoo vs. the expensive stuff.

Shampoo Costs

Brand Type Size Price


Nourishing Shampoo

8 ounces

Less than $13.00

Moroccan Oil

Sulfate Free Shampoo

8.5 ounces



Natural/Safe Synthetic Shampoo

8.4 ounces



Sulfate Free Shampoo

8.5 ounces


4. Rinse your hair.

Admittedly a tip that works better for our curly haired friends, rinsing out your hair a few times a week in place of shampoo and conditioner can result in less grease. Adding moisture to curly hair is often enough to help tame the flyaways and get an extra day or two between full washes.

Rinsing your hair with a mixture of water and apple cider vinegar leaves hair shiny and refreshed. Be sure to add a few drops of your favorite essential oil for added scent. And don’t worry, the vinegar smell dissipates quickly so it won’t hang around your head all day.

5. Switch up your products to make them last longer.

We all have that coveted brand of shampoo and conditioner or that favorite type of hair product — the one that makes your hair look like you just stepped out of the salon. Instead of using it every time, see if you can sneak in some less expensive products on days when you’re only running errands and don’t need to look like a million bucks.

Bonus: Switching up hair care products can also trick your hair into looking more vibrant and voluminous. That’s because certain products can leave a build up of residue on your strands. Switch up your routine with cheaper options and you might be surprised with a very happy head of hair.

6. Cut open shampoo and conditioner bottles.

Ever get near the bottom of a bottle of conditioner and the pump refuses to bring up any more product from the depths? One of the best ways to make the hair care products you love last longer is to open the bottle and scoop out the dregs.

First, grab a small spoon or spatula from the kitchen and something to cut the bottle open. Strong scissors work well on softer plastic bottles, but you might need a box cutter for the harder stuff. Be sure to wear gloves to protect your hands. Next, brace the bottle with one hand and carefully carve out an opening. You don’t necessarily have to cut all the way through, but the larger the hole, the easier it will be to remove the remainder.

What you get out can be stored in any shallow bottle that has a screw-on top (so you don’t end up in the same situation again) or even a small, reusable sandwich bag.

Those extra scoops could mean a few more washes.

Pro Tip

If you’re already paying for another beauty product that comes in a squat container with a large opening, you can clean it out and reuse it to hold other products.

7. Use less product.

It seems obvious, but when you’re rushing through your shower to get to work on time, it’s easy to pump or squeeze too much product into your palm just to be sure you don’t have to go back for more. That extra shampoo, conditioner and even styling product adds up. Not only that, it can make your hair look weighed-down and greasy.

If too much product is making your hair greasy, then you’ll need to wash it more often, which takes us back to No. 1 on this list — wash your hair less.

You know how your hair feels when you have the right amount of shampoo. You probably want that soapy, bubbling feeling, but you don’t need too much of a good thing. And with conditioner, going overboard can result in unwanted oils. So, after wetting your hair thoroughly, squeeze a little and use a little until you know you have the right amount.

8. Combine DIY products with pricey brands.

Once you become a pro at whipping up batches of DIY hair care products, take the next step and add small amounts of the more splurge-worthy products. This cheaper alchemy means you get the scent you adore and some of the styling benefits of the pricier brands, while stretching the use of those products. Buy them less often and get similar results.

Those repurposed bottles we mentioned earlier really come in handy when mixing up your fresh hair care potion.

9. Learn how to trim your own hair.

We aren’t saying you should quit the salon, but you can learn some basic techniques to keep your style looking sharp in between cuts. If you can stretch the time between your appointments, you can save up to $400 a year.

Pro Tip

When cutting your own hair, keep to the half inch rule, cutting only a bit at a time. This method means you aren’t likely to inadvertently end up with shorter hair than you intended.

Before giving it a try, make sure you watch at least a few tutorials for a style like yours. Also, remember that you can always take off length, but you can’t put it back on. So, go slow and cut less than you think. If trimming your own hair is too much, try these options for free or cheap haircuts.

Contributor Veronica Matthews writes on lifestyle topics from North Carolina.