Use This Tip to Cut Your Cell Phone Bill by $75 — and Get Better Service

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A lot of us feel like we’re overpaying for our cell phone service. And here’s the thing: We probably are.

Cherrie Vrabel definitely was. The Crystal Springs, Florida resident was paying $100 a month for cell phone service — and she couldn’t even get a signal inside her own home.

Each time she needed to make a call, she had to walk outside.

After three years of this, Vrabel, 57, was on the hunt for something better than T-Mobile. She’d been reliant on Wi-Fi to use her phone, but this just wasn’t realistic anymore — especially when Florida squalls are notorious for knocking out power.

Vrabel tried a bunch of options — some of the other big networks as well as discounted prepaid plans. But none of them gave her a better signal or customer service.

So when she heard about a low-cost, no-contract carrier called Pure TalkUSA, she decided to give it a shot. She was able to save a ton of money and get more data.

She Cut Her Bill By $75 a Month and Doubled Her Data

Vrabel took advantage of Pure TalkUSA’s one-month risk-free trial back in February and hasn’t looked back. She’s telling everyone to switch — that “they’re crazy not to!”

There’s a lot for her to love about her new network. For starters, she’s now paying $25 a month for unlimited talk and text, with 4 GB of data. That’s double the data she had with T-Mobile but for $75 less each month.

Best yet: She can actually make a call inside her own home without depending on Wi-Fi. She hasn’t had a single dropped call since switching to Pure TalkUSA, which operates on the AT&T network.

And although normally switching phone plans seems like such a hassle, Vrabel says this was super easy. She just made a phone call, and a Pure TalkUSA rep walked her through the process. She got a new SIM card in the mail, put it in her phone and was good to go.

How Much Can You Lower Your Cell Phone Bill Next Month?

Pure TalkUSA may not be one of the big cell phone carriers, but Vrabel says it definitely feels like it is — without the sky-high cost. And you’ll never have to go to the store to buy more minutes or data to re-up your phone every month like other no-contract carriers.

“That’s a pain in the butt,” Vrabel says. “What if you’re sick? You don’t want to have to go out and go to the store to keep your phone active. I don’t have to do any of that.”

She also doesn’t have a contract, so she’s not locked into a years-long commitment. You can try it out risk-free for 30 days. If you don’t like it, it’ll give you a refund.

The monthly plans start at $20 a line, and each one includes unlimited talk and text. If you want unlimited talk, text and data? It’s only $55 a month.

Plus, right now you can get 50% off your first bill.

Want to see if you can save $75 a month on your cell phone bill, too? Punch some information into this Pure TalkUSA online calculator. It takes 30 seconds, and it’ll tell you exactly how much money you could be saving by switching.

If the reliable service isn’t enough to make the switch to Pure TalkUSA, “the savings alone is phenomenal,” Vrabel says.

Kari Faber ([email protected]) is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder.