This Free App Shows You Where to Save up to 25 Cents/Gallon on Gas

A woman looks at her phone while pumping gas into her car.
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We all like a clean gas station with great snacks and amenities. But when it’s time to fill up, many of us would willingly forgo all of that if it means saving a lot on gas.

Luckily, you don’t have to brave a sketchy or out-of-the-way gas station to get the best price per gallon in your town. An app called Upside is saving users up to 25 cents per gallon at popular gas stations, some of which you probably already frequent.

Those dimes and quarters per gallon add up to an average savings of $148 annually for those who regularly take an extra minute to use Upside before filling up. And this app works for groceries and dining out, too.

Here’s How It Works

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To get more automobiles pulling up next to gas pumps, they’ve partnered with Upside to provide special offers on gas of up to 25 cents cash back on each gallon.

It’s simple. Sign up to become an Upsider for free and link a credit or debit card. They only need a linked card to verify you actually bought gas from a participating station.

Once you’re officially an “Upsider,” use the app’s map tool to Claim an offer at the nearest participating gas station — if you’re a city dweller, it’s probably right around the corner.

When you’re there and ready to fill up, just pay with a card you have linked in your Upside wallet and tap “Check In” or upload a picture of your receipt. That’s it.

Upside’s cashback offers also extend to groceries and dining out at restaurants, whether you dine in or take out.

Money in the Bank

Your cashback stacks up in your Upside account, but it’s free to move whenever you want and however you choose.

You can have your funds transferred to your bank account, your PayPal account or to a gift card from merchants like Starbucks and Amazon, among others.

There are no caps on how much you can earn. And if you share Upside with someone else, you can earn cashback at an even higher rate.

Sign up to Find the Upside in Everyday Purchases

Upsiders are earning about $1 million collectively each week. And with participating gas stations, groceries stores and restaurants all over the country, there’s no good reason to miss out.

Put real money back into your budget with the Upside app. Download the free app to discover what you’ve been missing out on. Plus, use code PENNY25 to get an extra 25 cents per gallon off your first purchase.