Today Is Wawa Day, and That Means We Get Free Coffee All Day Long

wawa coffee
Samantha Dunscombe/The Penny Hoarder

Wawa fans know it’s one of the cheapest places to grab a tasty cup of joe.

But today, the coffee’s getting even cheaper: It’s free!

Visit Wawa for Wawa Day on Thursday, April 12 to get any size coffee for free, all day.

The Pennsylvania-based chain turns 54 on April 16, but is celebrating on April 12 — probably to satisfy the hordes of locals who visit the chain on their commute each morning.

Limit one free coffee per customer, please.

The Delicious Cult of Wawa

While Wawa coffee and subs (hoagies, please, we call them hoagies here) are a Philadelphia staple, the chain has been creeping up and down the east coast over the past few decades.

Wawa, which started as a dairy farm about 50 years before it opened its first store, started brewing and selling fresh coffee in 1975. The chain, which offers 24-hour service at most locations, prides itself for always having fresh pots of coffee, whether you’re craving French Vanilla, smoky Cuban Roast or a seasonal flavor.

You won’t be fiddling with tiny creamer packets here; you have full access to Wawa’s line of dairy products, including milk and half-and-half in a selection of flavors.

And if you miss Wawa Day, you can still save on coffee every other day of the year — you’ll struggle to pay more than $2 for a cup of the good stuff at this chain.

Lisa Rowan is a senior writer at The Penny Hoarder. When she visits her family in Philadelphia, Wawa is usually her first stop.