DIY ’Til You Drop With These 13 Awesome Savings Strategies at Home Depot

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Thanks to Pinterest, YouTube, and Google, the modern DIYer doesn’t have to look far for help with projects big and small. Whether you’re replacing a few door knobs or building custom shelves — there’s a DIY project for every skill level and budget. 

But, even with all the tutorials in the world, it’s still important to have the right supplies on hand for the job — and there’s no better place to shop than Home Depot: the one-stop shop for all things home improvement. From garden supplies to paint and 2x4s, you’ll find everything you need to get started on your next DIY project. 

DIYing can be expensive, we know, so it’s important to take any opportunity to save. To help you save even more money along the way, check out these awesome savings strategies for shopping with Home Depot.

13 Easy Ways to Score Home Depot Rebates, Rewards and Savings

To save money at Home Depot, try your hand at one (or more!) of these helpful strategies. 

1. Rent Tools

Need a table saw for a woodworking project? Or, maybe you need heavy lifting equipment for the day? If so, you can save bundles by renting items from Home Depot rather than buying them. All you need is your ID and credit cards for a deposit. Then, you can walk away with all the tools you need at a fraction of the purchase price. 

2. Open a Store Credit Card

If you’re someone who always pays their credit card balance off on time, a store credit card can be a great way to save money and earn rewards. The Home Depot card offers instant perks. For example, new cardholders get $25 off purchases of $25-$299 or $50 off a purchase of $300-$999, and the savings go up from there. The card also offers 0% interest for six months and makes it easy to make returns (no receipt required!)

3. Watch for One-Day Deals

The Home Depot website offers exclusive one-day deals every day of the year. Just watch the Special Buy of the Day page to see what’s on sale. Items vary from smart doorbells to home decor and yard tools. Though the deals are always changing, you’ll always find at least 20-30 items listed for steep discounts, plus free shipping.

4. Ask for a Price Match

Never underestimate the power of a price match! According to “The Home Depot guaranteed low price” policy, shoppers can price match any product found at a lower price from another retailer. Keep in mind that the item must be identical and in stock. There are a few other stipulations on the policy, too. For example, seasonal items and wholesale orders are exempt.

5. Cash in on Rebates

Rebates are another great way to save on big-ticket items from Home Depot. Head to the Rebate Center online to find eligible products ranging from kitchen appliances to HVAC systems. You can also visit the 11% Rebate Portal to find occasional 11% rebates on products bought in-store.

6. Use Email Promo Codes

Your email is already overflowing with marketing campaigns — why not add another one to the mix? Home Depot emails can be a treasure trove of exclusive discounts, project ideas, and how-to guides. Plus, they’re a great way to keep up with the latest sales. Don’t want to add more emails to your inbox? Sign up for SMS messages to get $5 off your next purchases.

7. Score a Military Discount

If you’re a veteran or on active duty, don’t miss out on Home Depot’s military discount. The store offers 10% off select items at all Home Depot locations across the country (savings cap at $400 per year.) To cash in on the deal, bring your military ID to your local store. 

Note: the military discount isn’t available for online orders.

8. Get Free Lumber Cuts

As the saying goes, time is money. The sentiment certainly rings true when you’re tackling a big home improvement project — every little bit of time you can shave off the job makes a world of difference. So, if you’re buying lumber at Home Depot, don’t leave without having the retailer do some complimentary cuts for you. The free service could save you hours of tedious labor.

9. Purchase “Oops” Paint

Shhh…we’re going to let you in on one of Home Depot’s best-kept secrets: “Oops paint.” When the retailer makes too much of one type of paint or mixes the wrong color for a customer, the paint is stashed in a nondescript zone and marked down at a deep discount. Every Home Depot location has a rotating collection of “oops paint” — just ask a paint expert for help finding it.

10. Leverage the 1-Year Guarantee on Plants

We can’t all have a green thumb. Fortunately, Home Depot makes it a little easier to take the leap to being a plant parent. If your shrubs, house plants, or perennials shrivel and die within 12 months of purchase, you can return the plant for a full refund to turn around and try your hand at it again!

11. Set Up a Subscription

Like Amazon’s “Subscribe & Save” program, Home Depot offers subscription services that give you a small discount on repeat purchases. It’s a great way to save on items you’ll need regularly, such as AC filters, water filters for the fridge, cleaning supplies, and others.

12. Ask for Free Moving Boxes

Many people head to the moving supply aisle to stock up on boxes, but the real Penny Hoarders know there’s a better way to save money at Home Depot. Rather than paying around $2 per medium box, make a beeline for the Home Depot manager and ask if they have spare inventory boxes you can take off their hands instead. Those boxes would otherwise be broken down and thrown away at the end of the day, so most managers will be happy to pass them on to you instead. 

13. Score a Bulk Discount

If you’re furnishing an office or buying a large supply of one item, don’t miss out on Home Depot’s bulk discount. If you’re spending at least $1,500 and buy 20 or more of a product, the retailer offers 5 to 10% off. Discounts vary by product category. 

Home Depot is the ultimate destination for DIY tools and supplies, but your costs can certainly add up quickly. If you’re hoping to save, use these tips to save a buck (or twenty) the next time you’re undertaking a big project.