10 Weird Discounts You Can Get With Your Costco Membership

Customers shop at Costco.
Customers shop at a Costco Wholesale store, Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2023, in North Miami, Fla. AP Photo by Wilfredo Lee
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Are you really getting the most out of your Costco membership?

You may think you are if you’ve figured out how to save money on groceries by buying everything you need in bulk — even wine. You might even be saving money on health care by using the Costco Prescription Program.

But you might still be missing out.

Here are 10 little-known items your Costco membership can help you get for less — sometimes without even entering the store. (Though the $1.50 hot dog deal is worth the trip.)

  1. A casket
  2. Above ground pools
  3. An engagement ring
  4. Your next vacation
  5. A new car
  6. Emergency food supplies
  7. Flowers for your wedding
  8. A DIY garage
  9. Insurance
  10. Some weirdly expensive stuff

10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Buy at Costco

1. A Casket

The company doesn’t keep most of these items in stock at your local club, but Costco does have a funeral department.

On its website, the warehouse club sells caskets, urns and memorial keepsakes. And of course, you’ll get a discount.

For example, Costco sells this Prime Rose casket for $1,149.99 with free shipping. The same one would cost you $1,349.99 from Amazon or Walmart.

Some state restrictions apply, so double-check the details before including Costco in your funeral plans.

2. Above Ground Pools

Your summer just got cooler — and cheaper — with Costco’s reduced price above ground pool sets.

With options ranging from 1,500- to 2,200-gallon pools, your backyard parties are sure to be wet and wild.

The Bestway Power Steel Above Ground Pool Set is only $600 with a Costco membership. The same pool sells for just under $1,000 on Amazon.

The larger Bestway pool set sells for $1,000 at Costco while Home Depot sells the same pool for $1,870.

We’ll let you do the math, but whether oval shaped or rectangular, the prices can’t be beat. They will, however, help you beat the heat.

A person places a diamond ring on a woman's finger.
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3. An Engagement Ring

You might not be excited to tell people where the ring came from, but a diamond is a diamond, according to the experts.

In fact, Costco was sued by Tiffany and Co. for selling “Tiffany” style engagement rings. The suit was dropped, but if we can get our hands on that coveted style for thousands of dollars less, we’re in.

When “Good Morning America” put a Costco “Tiffany” engagement ring to the test against the real thing, the results were surprising.

Master gemologist and appraiser Martin Fuller appraised a $16,600 diamond engagement ring from Tiffany & Co. at $10,500 if it came from a no-name store. He suggested added services and the weight of the brand justified the higher cost from the famous jewelry store.

The Costco diamond ring with almost the same specs costs $6,600, and Fuller appraised the stone at $8,000.

So you can pay more to enjoy the glamor of the Tiffany brand … or you can accept the stigma that might accompany a Costco diamond and save thousands.

Your call.

4. Your Next Vacation

Like many others, your Costco membership comes with perks you might not even know about.

These include exclusive Costco travel discounts and vacation packages that could save you a ton of money. Even if the cost is the same, Costco travel deals often come with extra perks, like a gift card or resort credits.

A four-night stay for two at a luxury Kauai resort includes a rental car when you book through Costco Travel and shaves a few hundred dollars off what you’d pay booking through the resort.

5. A New Car

Yes, Costco will help you save money on your next car. Participating dealers offer exclusive lower prices for Costco members.

The Costco Auto Program includes pre-owned vehicles and even RVs.

As a member, you’ll also save 15% on parts, services and accessories from participating service centers for vehicles in your household.

6. Emergency Food Supplies

For a mere $3,000, you and your family could be ready for the end of times.

The Readywise Variety Emergency Food Pallet comes with 3,816 total servings with a 25-year shelf life. You’ll get grains, fruits and veggies, protein — even dessert, for your post-apocalyptic sweet tooth. The pallet even includes 1,584 servings of a whey milk alternative and an “orange drink.”

Sure, the upfront cost sounds pretty huge … but you can’t argue with feeding your family in an emergency for about 78 cents per serving! #frugalprepper

A bride and groom on their wedding day. The bride holds a bouquet of flowers.
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7. Flowers for Your Wedding

When you think of purchasing fresh flowers for a wedding, you probably picture a small, local florist. So do we, but if your budget doesn’t include $2,400 for those beautiful blooms, Costco could be the answer.

With 10- to 20-piece wedding bouquet collections ranging from just $290 to $550, you’ll have all the pretty petals you heart desires on the big day, without going over budget.

8. A DIY Garage

Need a one-car garage or workshop? You can get the parts at Costco for just $5,000 and build it yourself. The same garage sells on Amazon for $7,000, so you’d be saving a whopping 40%.

That $3,000 difference is worth the price of a Costco membership. Now, channel your inner Bob Vila and get building.

9. Your Insurance

As a Costco member, you have access to everything from pet insurance to term life insurance.

Health insurance plans include vision and the Costco Marketplace promises a simple navigation process.

You could save on auto and home insurance, too. When switching to insurance provided through Costco, members said they saved an average of $596 in the first year. With those savings, you could buy that pool.

A small girl kisses a giant bear.
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10. Some Weirdly Expensive Stuff

These might not be frugal choices, but they’re so strange we can’t help but mention them.

Perhaps, like us, you need extra love and hugs these days. Costco has you covered with this cuddly, nearly 8-foot tall plush bear for $400.

Or what about this $2,000 bottle of Johnny Walker Blue, spotted by Costco Couple in a Redwood City Costco? You might not first turn to the warehouse store when you’re looking for limited edition liquor, but if you happen upon it …

And if you’ve received a windfall recently, you might also consider Costco’s $550 caviar, $230 lobster tails, $1,000 wagyu beef or a $350,000 diamond ring.

Contributor Veronica Leone Matthews is a North Carolina-based freelance writer with 11 years of experience writing for non-profits and higher education. She covers lifestyle topics for The Penny Hoarder. Dana Miranda contributed.