Wonder How Some People are Always on Top of Daily Deals? Here’s Their Secret

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Who doesn’t love a deal? Unfortunately, finding the best daily deals online can be a time-consuming process, requiring you to log into dozens of money-saving sites.

Instead, let these deal aggregator websites do the work for you. Once you set your preferences for location and types of deals you like, they’ll collect deals from sites like Groupon and LivingSocial into one place, helping you find the things you want with less hassle. Just be careful not to be so excited about the deals that you buy things you don’t need!

Check out your options and figure out which one is best for you — then put it to work saving you time and money.


The site puts hundreds of thousands of deals at your fingertips, adding about 10,000 new offers each day, and you don’t need to log in to search for deals. Sort the offers by location, biggest price discount, new arrivals or best sellers. Search for nearby deals using the website or download the mobile app for iPhone and Android.

When you see deals that you want to purchase eventually, hit the “tik” button to save the offers for later — perfect for that 60%-off ice cream maker you’re eyeing for summer. Another cool feature is the activity feed, which shows you which deals other people are scooping up.


Use OneSpout to search for deals by city, focusing mainly on opportunities in the U.S., Canada and Ireland. In addition, search for online deals and travel deals, with Yelp reviews built in to help you make a decision.

Sort deals by their end date, percent discount, rating or category, with no need to log in. Check your deals on the go with the iPhone app, or stay on top of them by subscribing to an RSS feed.


Yipit draws from dozens of deal sites, from big names like Groupon and LivingSocial, to niche providers like Gilt City for luxury items and DoodleDeals for moms.

The website and iPhone app track the “trending” deals and show you those red-hot offers on top of the page. Search for deals by location, category or price, and check out the included Yelp reviews to help you make your decision. A customizable recommendation engine suggests things you may be interested in — massages in your zipcode, or fitness classes that involve dance.

Yipit sends you a daily email with deals they think you’ll like, based on your past searches. Because they collect all kinds of data, the site requires a login.


Most aggregators focus on local deals, but Dealery takes a different tack by also highlighting national deals, like top picks for cold weather or fall fashion. Browse the site without logging in or sign up for a daily email to see both city-specific and national offers.

Dealery also stands out by making its own products, like a Charlie Sheen-inspired #winning t-shirt offered for a short time last month. It doesn’t yet have a mobile app.


You’ll need to share your email address and zip code to see any deals on Dealupa. The site also asks you to take a short survey, letting it know what you’re into — be it cupcakes or handyman services.

It then presents deals based on your interests using a patent-pending dealrank algorithm — kind of like Google’s page rankings, applied to deals. If it sounds tech-y, it is: Dealupa launched in 2012, one of a class of new startups in Silicon Valley to be nurtured by tech incubator Y Combinator.

Sort deals by location, price, popularity and relevance to your interests. The dealrank algorithm also analyses data on Twitter and Facebook to put together a snapshot of what’s hot at any given moment — a whopping 700 to 800 deals for each city. There’s no app for Dealupa, but it’s only a matter of time.

Blue Kangaroo

Blue Kangaroo goes beyond flash deals to tailor shopping options to your tastes. The site pulls sales from major brand websites, local daily deals, flash sales and deep discounters and calls your attention to the deals you might like. It’s billed as a virtual personal shopper, hunting for deals just for you.

In addition to letting you search for deals by city, Blue Kangaroo asks you to hunt for a product — say, women’s shoes — and then offers you deals on that product, from a Steve Madden discount to a Bluefly flash sale.

You don’t need to log in before browsing the options, and you can download free apps for both iPhone and Android.

Your Turn: What’s your favorite daily deal site?

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