9 Products to Help You Stay Active and Healthy While Working From Home

A man does a workout in his home.
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With gyms off-limits during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s a great time to explore home health and fitness choices. And if you’ve recently transitioned into working from home full time, getting up and moving your body can really help make the day more enjoyable (and productive). 

We have some great deals on health and exercise options — and some are up to 94% off. Treat yourself today to a healthier future.

Workout and Meal-Planning Subscriptions

With workouts, meal plans and exercise equipment, we have your work-from-home activity needs covered.

1. iBodyFit Premium Diet & Workout Plan: Lifetime Subscription

The iBodyFit Premium Diet & Workout Plan allows you to tackle both your food choices and workouts at the same time. You get access to 40 diets, 400 workouts, daily feedback and VIP support from trainers. Workouts include fat burner, muscle toner, beach bod shredder and more. Get a lifetime subscription now — at an 89% discount — for only $49.99.

2. Live Streaming Fitness: Lifetime Subscription

With Live Streaming Fitness, you get 24/7 on-demand and live classes. Options include yoga, strength training, cardio and even specialized workout classes. In addition to workouts, there are also cooking shows and meal plans, as well as access to certified nutritionists. There’s an 89% discount off the lifetime subscription at the moment, so you can sign up for just $79.

3. Ultimate Meal Plans: Lifetime Subscription

Dieting can be delicious when you choose Ultimate Meal Plans. You’ll receive 28 custom meal plans a week, based on your preferences (paleo, keto, clean, etc.), that include shopping lists and meet the “15 minute, 5 ingredient” guarantee. You’ll even have access to a nutrition coach. Save 94% and sign up for a lifetime subscription for just $49.

4. Yogaia Interactive Yoga Classes: Lifetime Subscription

Yogaia offers more than 1,000 live and interactive classes and workouts for your body and mind — including yoga, pilates, meditation and more. The classes range from easy to advanced, and five minutes to over an hour. You can get a lifetime subscription for 25% off right now, at $299.

Exercise Equipment

Bring the gym home with these deals on workout equipment. 

5. Aduro Sport Resistance Door Gym

You can do whole-body training with hundreds of exercises using the resistance bands of the Aduro Sport Resistance Door Gym. Don’t worry; your safety is ensured by durable door anchors and foam handles. At 74% off the normal $69.99 price, it can be yours for just $17.99.

6. Posture™ 4-Piece Mini Exercise Gym and Strength Training Kit

The Posture™ 4-Piece Mini Exercise Gym and Strength Training Kit has short and long elastic bands, a variety of loops and handles, a door anchor and a telescope bar that basically makes a barbell out of a resistance band. This lightweight kit can improve both your mobility and strength, and you can get it today at 41% off the retail price, for only $44.99.

7. Pro-Workout Bench

Weights are not necessary with this Pro-Workout Bench. You can perform multiple exercises on the full length bench and adjust the seat up to 90 degrees. It comes with resistance bands, as well as a pair of customized foot attachments and handles. You can buy it now at 15% off, for $210.99.

8. Push Up Machine: Home Exercise Equipment

Push ups are a full body exercise, but so many people do them wrong. The Push Up Machine uses three critical touchpoints to put your body into the correct position, helping you do them safely and appropriately. The rotating handles ensure you’ll remain in a safe, neutral position. Usually $129.99, you can snag it on sale for just $89.99.

Muscle Recovery

Make sure you get the recovery you need with this deal, all yours at 23% off the usual price.

9. Vertiball™ Massager: The World’s First Mountable Muscle Massager

After all the exercise — or even without it — you can help your muscles recover easier with the mountable Vertiball™ Massager. In just five minutes a day, you can reduce inflammation, increase blood flow, promote muscle recovery, release tension and more. And with the current 23% discount, you can get one for only $49.99.