5 Weird Ways to Save Money: Would You Wear a Swimsuit From the Lost and Found?

weird ways to save money
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Are you willing to do whatever it takes to save an extra buck?

While we’ve shared ideas on everything from the practical to the downright weird (um, permanent makeup?), we gleamed a few new tactics from the Huffington Post when they asked their some popular bloggers and financial experts: What’s the weirdest thing you did to save money?

The lesson learned from these financial gurus: anything is possible when it comes to saving, and you can always come up with more weird ways to save money. Though not every tip here will be applicable to you, there’s always another option for saving or cutting expenses. Nothing is off limits, so don’t be afraid to try out some of these methods to see what works for your lifestyle.

Here are five of our favorite strange strategies from the roundup:

1. Search the Lost and Found for a Free Swimsuit

After realizing the hotel he checked into had a pool, Jeff Yeager of the Ultimate Cheapstake decided not to buy a new swimsuit and instead asked the front desk clerk if he could take the swimsuit in the Lost & Found. Not only did the clerk say yes, she even allowed Jeff to keep it because it had been in the lost and found for more than 30 days. Score!

“Lesson learned,” says Jeff. “It never hurts to ask.”

2. Buy Secondhand Ski List Passes

Maria Nedeva of The Money Principle stood at the bottom of the ski slope and asked people who finished skiing for the day to sell their ski lift passes at a discounted rate. She asked 20 people and got three ski lift passes as a result of her efforts. Not bad considering ski passes can often cost more than $100!

“It was a powerful and empowering experience that took me far beyond my comfort zone,” Maria said.

3. Dress in Costume for a Free Burrito

Who doesn’t love Chipotle Burritos? While in college, David of Young Adult Money and his buddies dressed in costume during Halloween and scored free burritos. David and his friends even went so far to go to six different Chipotle’s to collect free burritos at each.

Though Chipotle no longer gives free burritos during Halloween, they do offer a discounted burrito to celebrate the nation’s scariest holiday. Visit the store in costume next Halloween for a $3 Chipotle burrito.

4. Wax Your Hair Away at Home

Talk about brave! Shannon of Financially Blonde waxed her own eyebrows right at home.

“The entire experience scared me and I almost dripped hot wax on my eyeball, but I learned that I could do anything if I just put my mind to it,” Shannon told the Huffington Post. “I now wax my own eyebrows regularly, and I have no fears whenever I do it.”

5. Sleep in Your Car

Forget those hotel fees! During a trip to Cedar Point amusement park, Brian of Luke1428 and his wife opted to sleep in their car instead of paying for a hotel. Though Brian says he would never do it again, we bet they saved themselves a pretty penny that night.

Want to know other weird ways people have saved money? Read the full post over at the Huffington Post.

Your Turn: What weird or unusual ways have you saved money? What lessons did you learn from your experience(s)? 

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