3 Simple Ways to Get Free Tickets to Advanced Movie Screenings

3 Simple Ways to Get Free Tickets to Advanced Movie Screenings

Ever wonder how people get invited to advanced movie screenings? If you’re like me, you’ve assumed such events are reserved for VIPs and members of the media.

The truth is, anyone can get free tickets to early movie screenings. Film studios regularly give away tickets to create positive buzz and press before the official release of a film.

Curious about how to get free passes to advanced screenings? If you’re big movie fan, the following tips could save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in admission prices.

1. Sign Up With Gofobo

Register for a free account with Gofobo, a site where movie studios and PR firms offer advanced movie screening passes directly to members of the general public. Why are the studios giving these tickets away for free? They know that people who enjoy the film will provide free word-of-mouth advertising by talking to their friends and posting on social media.

Public screenings listed on Gofobo are open to everyone until tickets run out. To attend a private screening, you’ll need a Private RSVP code. RSVP codes are released to the public through radio contests, newspaper and magazine articles, and sometimes Twitter and Facebook. Gofobo allows up to two accounts per household, so sign up for a second account if you want to be able to reserve more than one pair of tickets. Other useful sites to check out are SeeItFirst.net and Film Metro.

2. Follow PR Firms on Social Media

PR firms offer free tickets, prizes and invitations to special events in order to generate excitement for upcoming movie releases.

Allied Integrated Marketing is the largest of these PR firms. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter under the account name 43KIX. Be sure to follow the pages for all of the major cities and regions near you. Allied/43KIX will keep you updated on the latest Hollywood news, trailers, DVD prize packs and Gofobo RSVP codes. If you’re going to be hanging out on social media anyway, you may as well earn free stuff, right?

A few other websites, like Advance Movie Screenings, GetScreening and Wild About Movies, list advanced movie screenings. Follow their Twitter and Facebook pages for your city, state or region. These sites don’t require RSVP codes. Instead, tickets are issued by random draw or on a first-come, first-served basis.

3. Tune In to the Radio

Radio stations give away free movie passes all the time. Check your local station’s website to see if they have a VIP member club or reward program. Some stations allow their listeners to collect member points online by answering trivia questions or clicking on sponsored links. These points can then be redeemed toward movie passes and other prizes. Subscribe to the radio station’s newsletter to stay updated on their latest contests and giveaways.

Get Paid to Watch Movies

Going to the movies for free is awesome, but how much better would it be if someone were paying you to do it?

You could earn money at movie premieres by counting audience members and noting which previews run before the main feature. If you’re a writer, review films for your local paper or set up a movie review blog and earn advertising revenue. If you’re feeling cynical, why not get paid to make fun of movies online? There are many ways to earn money by watching movies. Get creative!

What Else Do You Need to Know?

Be sure to arrive at least 30 minutes before the screening. Keep in mind that the first few rows of the theater are reserved for members of the press, and screenings are frequently overbooked. You may be turned away if you don’t show up early enough. For my first screening, I arrived at my local theater 20 minutes early and was shocked to see how many people were already lined up outside of the box office.

After the screening, you’ll likely be asked to give your opinion on the film or fill out a questionnaire. This is your opportunity to let the studio, screenwriters, directors, producers and cast know what you thought of the movie!

By following the above steps, you should be able to grab a pair of free movie passes in no time. And with the extra money you’re saving at the box office, you won’t feel so guilty for splurging on those Gobstoppers. Happy movie going!

Your Turn: Have you ever gone to the movies for free?

Althea Clarke is a freelance writer and avid movie fan who specializes in ghostwriting, SEO articles, website content, ebooks and more. You can visit her at www.about.me/althea.clarke.