Could Pinterest Help You Save Money on Home Decor and Furniture?

Online shopping with Pinterest
Maegan Tintari under Creative Commons

Who would have thought a worse Internet black hole than Wikipedia could exist?

But Pinterest has emerged as the best time-waster (whether intentional or not) on the web. And with all of the shiny, pretty, new things you can buy gracing pins and boards, it’s hard to control your urge to spend. Everyone wants to have a shiny, pretty home. But Pinterest doesn’t always shout furniture prices at you and remind you to be sensible. You’ve got to dig to find out more about a product, adding to the Internet black hole that keeps you up way past bedtime.

But a recent Apartment Therapy post, refreshed from 2013, has Pinterest fiends coming back from decorating candyland.

If you use Pinterest to collect potential purchases, these two tips are key to successfully decorating without ransacking your savings account.

Stick to a Budget, Even When You’re Just Browsing

It may seem counterintuitive to place a budget on images of items you’re pinning. After all, you’re not buying them right now. But the reality is that you want to buy something eventually. If you pin a bunch of expensive pieces just for inspiration, you might find later that you can’t find a comparable item that’s remotely close to your budget. And that’s a buzzkill.

“An item may be beautiful but if I don’t choose to pay over five hundred dollars for a swing arm bedside lamp, there’s no point in pinning it to this board,” editor Janel Laban writes. Don’t be wooed by a trendy or luxury piece if it’s just out of the question.

Follow Your Gut

This tip is deep, and can save you a lot of heartache down the road. The beauty of Pinterest is that you can pin to your heart’s content without consequence. And by pinning freely, you’ll start to see patterns in what you’re drawn to.

“After a few days of pinning, when you take a look at your board, you may find that you’ve pinned a dozen red couches,” Laban notes. “Maybe it’s time to rethink your decor around that red couch you really want instead of the beige one you think you should be buying.”

For the rest of Laban’s tips, head over to Apartment Therapy. Get ready to shop smarter, thanks to the hypnotic magic of Pinterest!

Your Turn: Do you plan future purchases on Pinterest? Share your tips in the comments!

Lisa Rowan is a writer, editor, and podcaster living in Washington, D.C. She usually forgets she has a Pinterest account and ends up with two dozen tabs open for days at a time instead.

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