This 7-Year-Old “Star Wars” Fan Learned About Money in the Cutest Way

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What toy did you realllly want when you were 7 years old?

For me, I think it was a Polly Pocket. (Please don’t ask me why; I never even liked dolls.)

For Rudra Joshi, a 7-year-old living in New Delhi, India, it was a lightsaber.

But rather than just give in to his “nagging,” his mom, Banani, used his deep yearning as a “teaching opportunity,” reports BuzzFeed.

She told him to save his money — when he’d saved 1,000 rupees, or around $15, she’d buy it for him.

“I forgot about it immediately, but he didn’t,” Banani told BuzzFeed.

And here’s what happened…

How This 7-Year-Old Finally Got His Lightsaber

The determined Rudra collected coins from his parents and grandparents, and in three months, he’d amassed the required amount.

(I know, I know; he didn’t start a kid business like this entrepreneurial girl, but I still think it’s impressive he was persistent enough to collect $15 in coins. At the very least, it shows he truly wanted it!)

Once he’d reached his goal, Banani suggested he write a letter to Amazon.

And, like any good little 7-year-old, he followed her advice. It says, in oh-so-cute elementary school cursive:

Dear Amazon,

I have been saving to buy a Star Wars lightsaber. I have now saved 1006 rupees. If I do cashondilivery [sic.] will you please accept coins.

RUDRA 7 years

Banani sent Amazon a photo of the letter via Facebook, and a week later, its Indian office called her.

“I tried to persuade them that I’d like to pay for it but they really wanted to send it to him as a gift,” she told BuzzFeed.

So the world’s largest retailer hand-delivered a lightsaber (and other “Star Wars” surprises!) to her son, along with a note from Yoda.

Needless to say, Rudra was STOKED to get his new lightsaber. And Banani was pretty happy to have taught him a valuable money lesson, as well.

“I am glad that he learnt prudence, saving and the value of money,” she said.

Hopefully, though, he won’t expect notes from Yoda every time he saves a few bucks!

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