You Can Negotiate For Everything

You might know of someone who negotiates everywhere for everything, and your first instinct may be to think that it’s incredible embarrassing.  After all, doesn’t negotiating show that you’re cheap and unwilling to pay full price?

Well, it may show that you’re unwilling to pay full price, but even more, negotiating shows that you’re not afraid to search for a bargain.

Here are some of the places where you may not have considered negotiating:

1.  Cable company.  If you’ve been with a cable company for several years, chances are that you’ve watched your rates increase year after year.  You can say enough is enough and negotiate with your cable company and ask for lower rates.

If they won’t give you a discount, don’t be afraid to cancel your service and take advantage of another company’s introductory offer.  Many companies offer great bundle packages like Sky Bundles that can save you a lot of money over the course of a year.

2.  Furniture.  Whether you’re buying your furniture new at a furniture store or used on Craigslist, know that the seller is expecting you to negotiate and has priced the item a bit higher than their ideal selling price.  On big ticket items like furniture, negotiating can save you hundreds on a one-time purchase.

3.  Grocery stores.  If you happen to find food that is at its sell by date, find a manager and ask if you can get the item cheaper.  You might be able to use this strategy with items that are already marked down to sell quickly.  Often, the store would rather make some money instead of throwing out the product and not making any money.

4.  Rental housing.  Most people don’t think to negotiate their rent, but it’s possible.  This won’t work in all markets, but depending on your own market, you could negotiate a discount with your landlord in return for staying longer.  For instance, you agree to stay for two years, and he agrees to not raise the rent or even to give you a discount.  You both win in this situation.

You may find negotiating embarrassing, but keep in mind, if you aren’t doing it, you’re easily leaving hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on the table every year.  Think of how much money you’re needlessly spending over the course of 10 years.  Negotiating is totally worth it, and the more you do it, the easier it gets.  Try it.  You’ll see.

Good luck Penny Hoarders!