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Starbucks Gift Card

Where Should I Sell My Gift Card?

There are very few of us that end the holiday season without a stack of gift cards and inevitably we all end up with a few that we can’t use or don’t want. Maybe your boss gave you a gift card [...]

Image: Dollar bill

Check Your Wallet: Your $1 Bills Might be Worth Hundreds or Thousands of Dollars

Very little is as awesome as holding the winning number in your hot little hands, whether you’ve purchased the fateful lottery ticket or your number was just called at the deli. (Wait, am I the only [...]

Image: Las Vegas Wedding Wagon

Fake Alibis and Mobile Weddings: 10 Bizarre Businesses That Actually Exist

For a price, you can take a wild taxi ride, order bacon-flavored truffles, hire a professional liar or buy a surprise. They’re unique experiences and products — some of the most bizarre businesses [...]

Image: Ride-On Mower

What’s Your Million-Dollar Idea? How to Invent Products Without Risking Your Savings

Patenting, producing and marketing a product can eat your life savings, and most patents never make money, so it’s understandable that many ideas never make it beyond a notebook. But guess what? [...]

Image: Antlers

Enjoy Walking in the Woods? Here’s How to Find and Sell Deer Antlers

While we’ve all seen photos of deer heads mounted on walls, I’d never thought of deer antlers as a moneymaking venture. I was wrong. Deer antlers, also known as sheds, are very popular. Three years [...]

Image: The Moon

10 of the Absolute Weirdest Things You Could Sell

There’s a market for almost everything. Some of us remember pet rocks, and Walmart now sells cactus fruit at many of their locations. Of course, pet rocks were just a fad novelty item, and “tunas,” [...]

Image: Beachcombing

Beachcombing for Fun and Profit: What to Look For and How to Sell It

A walk on the beach might be a relaxing (or romantic!) way to spend an afternoon, but did you ever expect it to help you make money? A friend of mine often heads to her local beach after festivals and [...]

Image: My Little Ponies

Got ‘80s and ‘90s Toys? Make Hundreds of Dollars by Selling Them on Ebay

Need extra cash fast? Turn to your closet — or, for many of us, our parents’ closets. If you’re a child of the ‘80s and ‘90s, and you’ve got a stash of childhood toys in good condition, [...]

Image: You Won’t Believe How Much You Can Earn by Collecting Lost Golf Balls

You Won’t Believe How Much You Can Earn by Collecting Lost Golf Balls

Among the incidents involving golf ball divers in Florida, there’s an attack by an 11-foot alligator that cost the victim his shoulder. Then there are the stories of divers bitten by venomous snakes [...]

Image: Friends. Photo by Michael Saechang

How Much is Your Friendship Worth? On This Site, Up to $2,000 a Week

Chances are, you think you’re a pretty cool person to hang out with. How would you feel about charging for that privilege? According to the people at RentAFriend, you could make up to $2,000 per week [...]

Image: Free couch. Photo by Charles Wagner

Why You Should See Dollar Signs When Your Neighbor Puts Junk On the Curb

Every business owner has to consider their profit margin: their net profits divided by their revenue. To have a 100% profit margin, your product must cost you absolutely nothing to acquire and sell. [...]

Mobile Apps

How to Sell Your Old Phone for the Most Amount of Cash

A few months ago I published my guide on how to escape the paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle. A lot of you emailed me to say you loved the monthly goals and action steps, but told me that I missed one of [...]