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freelance writing jobs

How a New Freelance Writer Uses Craigslist and Fiverr to Make $2,000 a Month

So, maybe you’ve tried your luck at freelance writing in the past, but quickly felt overwhelmed scouring the vast online world for actual paid writing opportunities. What if I told you that Craigslist [...]

How to make more money

7 Ways to Make $100 or More Per Hour Without Getting a New Job

How much do you make if you put in another hour at work? If you’re on a fixed salary, nothing. If you get paid by the hour, you might earn some overtime pay. But since there are only so many hours [...]

Gravity Payments' new minimum wage

This Company Just Raised All Salaries to $70,000 a Year — And They’re Hiring

How would you feel about bringing home an annual salary of $70,000? That’s the new minimum wage for employees of Gravity Payments, a credit-card payment processing company that just moved to the top [...]

How to become a yoga teacher

Is Namaste a Big Part of Your Life? Get Paid to Teach Yoga

Whether we’re talking hatha or Ashtanga, yoga is hot. More than 20 million Americans practice this ancient fusion of exercise and spirituality, fueling a $27 billion dollar industry. If you’re a yogi, [...]

Found money from a Brinks truck

What Would You Do If You Found a 75-Pound Bag of Cash on the Highway?

See a penny, pick it up — right? What about $5? What about a $100 bill; would you keep it for yourself or try to figure out how to return it? What if you found an entire sack of cash on the highway? That’s [...]

how to run a business

9 Brilliant Business Lessons You Can Learn From Taylor Swift

Whether you’re part of the vengeful Kanye camp in your feelings toward Taylor Swift or you harbor undying love for her like her bestie Lorde, there’s no denying this: She’s as smart a businesswoman [...]

Minecraft teaching kids about money

Important Money Lessons Your Kids are Learning From Minecraft

The next time your kid’s on his umpteenth hour of Minecraft, you might want to think twice about telling him to find something else to do. It turns out the nature of Minecraft’s gameplay is actually [...]

highest divorce rate jobs

Is Your Job Bad for Your Relationship? 15 Careers With the Highest Divorce Rates

When you’re looking for a job, you likely consider whether the work is interesting, how much it pays and its benefits. But have you ever thought about the effect your work might have on your relationship [...]

Cards Against Humanity

College Scholarship Alert: Cards Against Humanity is Funding Women in Science

We’ve written about lots of ways to pay for college, from selling your friendship to buying and reselling textbooks. And we’ve offered dozens of ideas for college scholarships, from essay contests [...]

Survey Clipboard

New! Take This Survey & This Company Will Pay You $25

Heads up! We just found a panel that is looking for feedback this week and they’ll pay you $25 to participate. Here’s how to do it…. 1. Visit the panel here. 2. They start by asking you [...]

crowdfunding donations

Raising Money Through Crowdfunding? Don’t Forget to Include It on Your Taxes

My community pulled together recently to help a young father battling cancer for the second time. A local cupcakery held a fundraiser in his honor and donated $1 to his family for each cupcake sold on [...]

Temp jobs

Looking for Temp Jobs? Here’s Where You’ll Find the Best Ones

More and more people are looking for something other than a traditional 9-to-5 job. If you’re one of them, you’re probably searching for jobs that contain keywords like “flexible schedule,” “telecommute” [...]