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Image: Apples

Like to Work Outside? Make Up to $28 an Hour Picking Apples

Climb the ladder, pick, pick, pick, and climb down again with 45 pounds hanging in front of you. Drop the apples in the wooden bin and get back up that ladder. It’s hard work, but you get to be outside [...]

Image: Child Playing With Trucks

Parents: Tired of Paying Big Bucks for Toys? Sign Your Child Up to Test Them

The other day I was browsing in what was marketed as a “smart” toy store. I was curious about “smart toys,” toys that have their own electronic intelligence, so I went in to check it out. After [...]

Image: Outdoor Cat

Handy With Tools? Here’s an In-Demand Business You Probably Never Considered

It’s a dangerous world out there for cats, what with cars, coyotes, and other kitty killers. That’s why indoor cats live up to three times as long as outdoor cats, and why my wife and I keep our [...]

Image: Worms

Don’t Mind Getting a Little Grubby? Collect Worms for Cash!

Which underground animal can take the shape of a dollar sign? A worm! And while there are those who make good money farming worms at home, there is another way to profit from these wigglers without breeding [...]

Image: Bed & Breakfast

Thinking About Running a Bed and Breakfast? Read This First

Karen Lynch can’t help but laugh when guests tell her how they picture her day, a leisurely one spent serving breakfast, pouring wine and chatting up out of town visitors as they relax at her bed and [...]

Trivial Pursuit

Are You a Smarty Pants? Here Are 4 Ways to Earn Extra Money Playing Trivia

Do you know who won the 1966 World Series? Or the name of the movie Joan Crawford won an Academy Award for? If so, put that useless knowledge to work and start playing trivia for cash! There are thousands [...]

Image: Vegetables

Love Farmers and Craft Markets? Earn Extra Cash as a Porter

Forget the shopping mall: local markets for everything from fresh produce to arts and crafts are popping up in neighborhoods large and small. The offerings at these markets can be hard to resist, but tough [...]

Image: Curb Paint

A Simple Side Business You Can Start for Under $40: Painting House Numbers

A friend told me he charged homeowners $20 to paint house numbers on their curbs, and paid college students $10 per hour to do the painting. Some of his employees did 15 jobs each day. My first question, [...]

Image: Unique Jewelry

Bird Poop Earrings and Other Strange Jewelry You Can Sell

Frank O. Hill appeared with his acrylic-encased quail poop creations on the Tonight Show over 30 years ago. Since then, artists have followed his lead with similar excremental fashions. For example, Alicia [...]

Image: Snow White

Weird Job: Bring Characters to Life as a Party Princess

This post is part of our series on Weird Jobs. Check out the other articles to learn about more weird jobs you could try! When faced with the question, “So, what do you do for a living?” in my daily [...]

Image: Desk

Starting a Freelance Business: Here’s What You Need to Know

You’ll find a lot of ways to make money on The Penny Hoarder, but one of the best ways to make extra money is to jump in with both feet and start a freelance business. Whether you want to become a full-time [...]

Image: Walking Sticks

A Money-Making Option for Artists: Carve and Sell Walking Sticks

Cut down a small sapling, trim it to about five feet in length with a saw, and carve off the bark with a pocket knife. Let it dry for a few days, and then dress it up with some leather. Boom — you’ll [...]