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Image: Las Vegas Wedding Wagon

Fake Alibis and Mobile Weddings: 10 Bizarre Businesses That Actually Exist

For a price, you can take a wild taxi ride, order bacon-flavored truffles, hire a professional liar or buy a surprise. They’re unique experiences and products — some of the most bizarre businesses [...]

Image: Letter to senator

A Fun Work-From-Home Job: Write Letters to Members of Congress

You know how etiquette books say to never discuss politics at the dinner table? Well, if you love a good political discussion and need an outlet — or if you just want a way to earn money working [...]

Image: Cuddling

Like Being Big Spoon? This Woman Earns $60 an Hour Cuddling With Strangers

This post is part of our series on Weird Jobs. Check out the other articles to learn about more weird jobs you could try! A normal workday for Samantha Hess includes spooning, holding hands and snuggling [...]

Wheel of Fortune Game Show

How to Get On a Gameshow (18 Shows Looking for Contestants)

Participating in a game show is an easy and fun way to make extra money. Some game shows are tougher to get on than others, but by registering for all of them, you can significantly increase your chances [...]

Image: Ski resort jobs

Get Paid to Ski and Snowboard: The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Ski Bum

For many years, I dreamed of living in a mountain town, skiing whenever I wanted and enjoying après-ski drinks with a gaggle of new friends. I dreamed of being a ski bum. So the summer after college graduation, [...]

Image: I voted

Earn Money Gambling on the 2014 Midterm Elections — Legally

When you cast your vote each election, you never know for sure if your candidate will win or what she’ll do once in office. Voting is a gamble, right? But why wager just your hopes and time? Why [...]

Image: Writing Online

Make Money Writing Online: 13 Sites That Pay for Articles

If you’ve got writing skills, put them to work helping you make money online. But with so many sites to choose from, where should a wannabe freelance writer start? Sites that pay for articles usually [...]

Image: Welder

7 Strategies for Earning an Impressive Income Without a College Degree

Okay, so you didn’t finish college — or maybe you discovered that your degree in Mongolian literature just isn’t that marketable. What can you do? It is possible to make a decent living [...]

Image: Raking leaves

Money Does Grow on Trees: How to Start a Leaf-Raking Business

Who says money doesn’t grow on trees? If your parents ever paid you to rake the leaves, you know that there’s green in those red and orange beauties. When the fall colors start to turn, it’s time [...]

Image: Ride-On Mower

What’s Your Million-Dollar Idea? How to Invent Products Without Risking Your Savings

Patenting, producing and marketing a product can eat your life savings, and most patents never make money, so it’s understandable that many ideas never make it beyond a notebook. But guess what? [...]

Image: Dinner party

A Side Hustle for Amateur Chefs: Get Paid to Cook in Your Own Kitchen

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to moonlight as a chef? Maybe you’re an amateur foodie always bringing creative dishes to potlucks and dinner parties. Or maybe you have some tried-and-true [...]

Image: Soccer ref

Soccer Players: Make $25 an Hour as a Part-Time Referee

Many of us played on sports teams when we were growing up, and for many soccer was the sport of choice. As adults, it’s more difficult to find teams to play with, team and travel fees start to add up, [...]