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Cat whisperer

A Side Job for Cat Lovers: Earn $100 an Hour as a Cat Behaviorist

We may not all be able to take a hissing cat that pees on the couch and make it into a purring angel in hours, like Jackson Galaxy, host of the television program My Cat From Hell. But if you like cats [...]

mobile business

Take Your Work on the Road: 3 Tips for Launching a Mobile Business

Remember when food trucks were radically new? It took some convincing for passersby to be sure their meals would be safe as well as delicious. Some municipalities are still figuring out the rules of the [...]

Seasonal jobs: pet sitting and holiday parties

Seasonal Gigs: 6 Wacky Ways to Make Extra Money During the Holidays

Lots of people take on a second job or a side gig during the holidays. Between gift-giving, party-throwing and massive-batches-of-cookies-making, the extra cash comes in handy. But what if you’re not [...]

Calligraphy side business

Nice Handwriting Pays Off: How to Start a Calligraphy Side Job

In a time when cursive handwriting is fading from many classrooms, calligraphy is making a surprising resurgence. While carefully hand-lettered invitations, place settings and envelopes tend to be reserved [...]

Local tour guide

Become a Local Tour Guide: 4 Websites That Connect You With Tourists

Would you like to show people around your corner of the country or your hometown and earn money as a local tour guide? It used to be difficult to set up and run a guide business; connecting with customers [...]

Office Space

How to Get a Raise: 6 Strategies That Will Help You Earn More Money

Are you worth more than you’re paid? If you think so, have you asked for a raise? Recent surveys reveal that 59% of workers are afraid to ask for a raise, yet no employers report firing or demoting [...]

National Geographic

How to Earn Extra Money With Old Magazines and a Pair of Scissors

I once sold a stack of old National Geographic magazines at a rummage sale for a few bucks. Now I wonder if I gave up a bigger profit. Why? I’ve since learned that there are better ways to make money [...]

Photo booth business

Start a Photo Booth Business: You Could Earn $500 a Night or More

Who can resist a good photo booth? What was once a cheesy high-school date activity has become one of the staples of the 40-billion-dollar wedding industry. Over the past few years, photo booths “have [...]

Make money quickly

6 Quick Ways to Earn Money Without Committing to a Business

Most of us would like to boost our incomes by earning a little extra cash. The Penny Hoarder has covered lots of options for earning more money, from freelance writing to building catios. But what if you [...]

person walking dogs

Would You Pick Up Dog Poop for Cash? How to Become a Professional Pooper-Scooper

I’ve never forgotten this comic I once read in the newspaper: A man walks outside to find his dog, Fang, talking with another dog, Mitzi. “Hello. I’m Fang’s master,” says the [...]

free stock

How to Get Free Stock From This Start Up….

So, this is unusual… A new startup, Jet.com, is promising to give you free stock options just for becoming an early email subscriber. But here’s where it gets really unusual: we have no [...]

Make money on Facebook with PassUBuy

Make Money on Facebook With PassUBuy: Get Paid to Help Friends Sell Their Stuff

Take a look around your living room or inside your closet, and you’ll probably notice a few things you never use or simply don’t need. Wouldn’t it be great if you could easily get rid of those things [...]