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Image: Lyft Car Service

Want to Get Paid to Drive Your Car? Throw a Moustache on the Front

You probably spend a fair amount of money on your car, between insurance, gas and maintenance. Why can’t it pay for some of its keep? In the past few months, we’ve shared details on using services [...]


5 Ridiculous (but effective) Ways to Save On Your Groceries

Listen, even if you’re not one of those crazy coupon ladies that you see on TLC, you should still be saving a lot more on your groceries than you already are. I’m not saying you need to hoard [...]

Airplane in Flight

This New Service Lets Your Car Make Money at the Airport While You Travel

Among the many ways to burn through money while traveling is the exorbitant cost of airport parking. But thanks to a new startup, you just might be able to dodge that annoying expense — and even [...]


Weird Business Idea #11: Make Money Renting Chickens

This post is part of our Weird Business Series. Check out the other installments to learn about more weird businesses you could start! You’d always test drive a car before buying it, right? And you’ve [...]

Temp Jobs

Temporary Jobs: How to Make Them Worth Your While

One day last year I stood in the hot Florida sun making minimum wage holding up a six-foot sign advertising an RV show. It was my first job after ten years of self-employment. After the wind tried to toss [...]

Image: Why Selling Plasma is a Great College Gig

Earn $70 a Week While Saving Lives: Why Selling Plasma is a Great College Gig

When I was in college, I had no idea about earning opportunities like being a content writer or playing textbook arbitrage. Instead, I spent three years in the dining hall cleaning meal trays and scrubbing [...]

flea market

A Fun and Low-Cost Business: Selling at Flea Markets

Flea markets seem to be everywhere, especially in the summertime. But do the vendors actually make any money, or is it just a fun weekend hobby? A few years ago, my wife and I put the idea to the test [...]

iPhone Picture

How to Sell Your Smartphone Photos for $5/Each

If you have an iPhone and a photographic eye, making money may have just gotten a lot easier. Oh yeah – you’ll also need access to marketable scenery. There’s a new app called Foap that [...]

Art Model Jobs

How to Use Your Naked Body to Earn Cash (Legally)

Maybe you’ve always dreamed of being a model, or maybe you just need cash. Either way, posing as a model for artists and art students is an easy way to earn money. I briefly worked as an art model in [...]

7 Places to Find Hidden Cash Around Your House

7 Places to Find Hidden Cash Around Your House

While most people associate treasure hunting with pirates, Penny Hoarders know better. There’s treasure all around us; we just need to know where to look. In a previous post on treasure hunting at home, [...]

Work as a Website Tester: An Easy Way to Make a Few Bucks Online

Work as a Website Tester: An Easy Way to Make a Few Bucks Online

Like most of us, you’ve probably commented on how some websites are confusing and others excellent. Rather than complaining to your spouse or friend, how would you like to make those comments to [...]

Standardized Patient Jobs

How Pretending to be Sick Could Help You Make Money

“Where’s Johnnnnny?” the patient howled, her high-pitched voice screeching down the hallway. The terrified medical school student responded shakily, “I don’t know who Johnny is. He’s not here. [...]