8 Female Financial Influencers You Should Be Following

These are portraits of three financial influencers:Jamila Souffrant, Tori Dunlap and Kumiko Love.
From left, Jamila Souffrant of Journey to Launch, Tori Dunlap of Her First $100K and Kumiko Love of The Budget Mom are all female financial influencers to follow. Photo courtesy of Jamila Souffrant, Tori Dunlap and Cami Bradley

The finance industry may traditionally be a male-dominated space, but more women are making their voices heard.

They’re blogging, podcasting, authoring books and gaining massive social media followings as they chart paths as bonafide personal finance influencers.

And they’re helping countless other women increase their financial literacy and build wealth along the way.

8 Female Financial Influencers to Follow

Here are just a handful of the female financial influencers you ought to have on your radar.

A woman sits at a white booth holding a cup of coffee to go.
Dunlap’s personal story of saving $100,000 by age 25 inspired others and allowed her to develop her brand Her First $100K. Photo courtesy of Tori Dunlap

1. Tori Dunlap of Her First $100K

Tori Dunlap is a self-proclaimed financial feminist who is taking on the patriarchy with her mission to make women rich. Her personal story of saving $100,000 by age 25 inspired others and led her to develop her brand Her First $100K.

Tune into Dunlap’s Financial Feminist podcast or join her investing education platform, Treasury.

2. Erin Lowry of Broke Millennial

Erin Lowry is the founder of Broke Millennial, but she’s definitely not broke. Lowry is a sought-after money expert and author of three personal finance books — including her latest, “Broke Millennial Talks Money.”

Lowry is an authority on helping women navigate awkward financial conversations — like negotiating for a raise or tactfully letting a friend know you can’t afford to be a bridesmaid for the 12th time. Check out her Q&A with The Penny Hoarder on how to handle tough money discussions.

3. Kara Stevens of The Frugal Feminista

Kara Stevens wants to see women thrive in their financial lives, so she founded The Frugal Feminista.

Stevens educates women about money through blog posts, courses and speaking engagements. She is also the author of “Heal Your Relationship With Money.”

4. Kumiko Love of The Budget Mom

Managing money is an art Kumiko Love has mastered. When traditional budgeting methods didn’t quite work for her, she created her own Budget by Paycheck method and shared her money management advice with the masses as The Budget Mom.

Love is also an Accredited Financial Counselor and author of “My Money My Way.” Follow The Budget Mom on YouTube for money tips and deep dives into real people’s budgets.

5. Chelsea Fagan of The Financial Diet

Chelsea Fagan is refreshingly candid when it comes to discussing money online. As a co-founder and the face of The Financial Diet, she doesn’t shy away from topics such as the pink tax, MLMs and hustle culture.

Fagan is also the host of The Financial Confessions, a podcast about how people live and interact with money.

A woman sits on a blue couch for a portrait.
Souffrant’s website, Journey to Launch, started out as a place where she wrote about her path to early retirement. She turned her platform into a successful business. Photo courtesy of Jamila Souffrant

6. Jamila Souffrant of Journey to Launch

Jamila Souffrant is passionate about helping people reach financial freedom and independence. She started Journey to Launch initially to chronicle her journey to retiring early and ended up turning her platform into a thriving business that allowed her to quit her six-figure job.

Check out the Journey to Launch podcast, where Souffrant chats with other influencers in the personal finance space about topics including money mindset, debt, budgeting and more.

7. Berna Anat of Hey Berna

Berna Anat of Hey Berna calls herself a “financial hype woman.” She champions others to live their best financial lives with a humorous, down-to-earth approach that makes you feel like you’re chatting with your BFF.

It’s not hard to see why Anat won a 2021 Plutus Award for Most Entertaining Personal Finance Content Creator. Check her out on Instagram, TikTok and other social platforms, and be on the lookout for her book, coming in 2023.

8. Delyanne Barros of Delyanne the Money Coach

Want to learn how to build wealth by investing? Turn to Delyanne Barros.

The former employment attorney is known across social media platforms as Delyanne the Money Coach. She’ll teach you how to navigate as a new investor with her Slay the Stock Market course. Tune into her new podcast Diversifying on CNN Audio.

Nicole Dow is a senior writer at The Penny Hoarder.