6 Subreddits to Follow to Become a Better Budgeter

An illustration of budgeting advice on Reddit.
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Budgeting can seem so solitary sometimes. You’re trying to get your income to cover your expenses and meet your financial goals.

But input from — or venting to — other folks can be a huge help when you’re in the trenches trying to figure out the best strategies to budget your way out of debt or why you continually overspend on food.

The Penny Hoarder Community is a great place to connect with other money-minded people. Another good resource is Reddit, a social discussion website where registered members share basically any and everything — including personal finance talk.

Here are six Reddit communities, or subreddits, that’ll remind you that you’re not alone doing this whole budgeting thing.

1. r/DaveRamsey

Dave Ramsey is the personal finance guru known for his best-selling books, his radio show-turned-podcast and much more. Ever heard of the EveryDollar app? The Financial Peace University? All Ramsey. The 24,300 members of the Dave Ramsey subreddit use the platform to talk about budgeting and personal finance under the umbrella of Ramsey’s teachings.

2. r/ynab

You Need a Budget, commonly known as YNAB, is a popular budgeting software — and a book — created by Jesse Mecham. If you’ve got a question or concern about this specific money management app, bring it to the YNAB subreddit.

3. r/mintuit

Mint, by Intuit, is another well-known budgeting app for those trying to keep track of their money. If you budget using Mint, check out the mintuit subreddit where 8,600 members discuss their tips and tricks.

4. r/personalfinance

Tap into Reddit’s personal finance community to get advice about budgeting issues you encounter, but don’t just stop there. This subreddit’s 13.8 million members also chat about saving, debt, investing and other money topics. Follow this group to glean some gems that’ll help your overall financial life.


5. r/budget

The budget subreddit isn’t as active as some other personal finance-related communities on the site, but it’s the place to share all your money management successes and woes. This subreddit’s 5,600 members range from budgeting beginners to those hacking their budgets to retire early.

6. r/financialplanning

A budget is a plan for your finances. That goes well beyond how much you should be spending on groceries or rent. Reddit’s financial planning community covers everything from retirement and investing to saving and budgeting apps. Got a question about your financial plan? Throw it to this subreddit’s 70,000 members.

Nicole Dow is a senior writer at The Penny Hoarder.