10 Ways to Find Entertainment on the Cheap

If you’re on a budget, you may think you’re resigned to watching television night after night as your only source of entertainment.  Lucky for you, though, there are plenty of ways to get your entertainment fix with a limited amount of money.

1.  Buy discounted tickets.  If you want to attend a concert, you don’t have to shell out big bucks.  See if you can buy concert tickets from a site that offers discounted tickets.

2.  Check out your local college happenings.  Even if your days as a college student are over, you can find free entertainment at your local college from book and poetry readings to free outdoor concerts.

3.  Volunteer for freebies.  If you can’t afford to see the latest play you’d like to watch, volunteer to be an usher.  In return for your time, you’ll see the show for free.  This may also work for small scale concerts.

4.  Get freebies from the library.  If you have a public library near you, make sure you use it.  You can check out books and movies for free.  You can also often borrow music CDs.  Some libraries even have free museum passes you can use.

5.  Visit museums on free days.  Museums can be costly, but most of them offer free days to state residents during certain days or months.  Plan your trip on one of these days; just be prepared to fight the crowds.

6.  Buy your tickets ahead of time.  In Chicago, you can get discounted tickets to The Taste of Chicago if you buy your tickets a few weeks in advance.  You pay a little less for the tickets, so at the event you can buy a little more than you could if you buy your tickets at the door.

7.  Plan your vacation around cities with freebies.  Some cities like Washington D.C. are a vacationers’ dream.  Sure, you’ll pay an expensive price for your accommodations, but you can sight see and visit free attractions for days without paying a penny.

8.  Offer your opinion.  If you’re a blogger who loves to read, you could sign up for some of the many publishing houses who give bloggers free books in return for sharing their opinions about the book on their blog.  You could even make money with this one if you sell the book once you’re done reading it.

9.  Buy coupon books.  Every year in some cities, coupon books are published.  You pay maybe $20 for the book, and in return, you can literally save hundreds of dollars on your entertainment throughout the year.

10.  Use the web.  If your kids are too little to stay up for fireworks on the 4th of July or they get scared by the sound, just turn to the web.  For free, you can watch hundreds of fireworks shows.  That’s just one example of how you can use the web for nearly free entertainment.

Even if your budget is tight, you aren’t resigned to boring nights in front of the television.  There are many ways you can score free or cheap entertainment.

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