This Deal Helped Me Save 70% at JCPenney. Here’s Exactly How to Do It

This Deal Helped Me Save 70% at JCPenney. Here’s Exactly How to Do It

You know that thing you really need but are never willing to buy?

It almost feels like a dirty secret.

Perhaps it’s new bath towels that don’t smell like mildew, more clothes hangers so you can get rid of the textile pile on your floor, a toothbrush that isn’t frayed, socks without holes…

Me? My dirty little secret is a feather pillow.

I got it back in elementary school for Easter. Yeah, I had a random Easter Bunny. Also, yeah, gross; go ahead and shame me.

But I love it. And I don’t feel like adding a $50 pillow to my Target bill. I also forget to add “pillow” to my weekly shopping list.

It’s time, though. Not only are the feathers wafting out each time I make my bed, the mites I imagine roaming around in that thing are starting to creep into my dreams… (I’ve washed it, though, I swear.)

Also, even more important to this Penny Hoarder? Right now, I could save more than $25 on one of those fancy memory foam pillows if I buy it from JCPenney.

How I Can Save Nearly 70% Off My Next JCPenney Purchase

You don’t have to buy a pillow. That’s just what I’m buying. You can buy anything you want -- in store or online -- and save big.

All you have to do is some casual deal-stacking -- or combining a handful of deals to get the lowest possible price.

Follow me through this process.

For a pillow, I’d ideally opt to nab one at the store so I can test the squishiness factor, but I’ve missed that boat one too many times, so online it is.

I found a memory foam one (“The Dream”) for $40 on JCPenney’s site. It has 215 reviews and an overall 4.5 rating. Sold.

It’s already 50% off, driving the total price down to $28.94, including shipping.

Time to start deal-stacking.

Follow these easy steps:

New price: $25.94

  • That’s perfect because Swagbucks has another awesome deal you can add (available until April 3oth). When you spend at least $25 shopping JCPenney through Swagbucks’ shopping portal, you can take an extra $10 off and earn 12% cash back.

(Click the JCPenney icon on this page then continue your normal business.)

New price: $15.94

Cash back: $1.91

Now, if you don’t want to pay for shipping, you can opt to pick the item up in the store and save another $5, driving your total down to about $10.

Yup. That’s a $10 memory foam pillow that I’ve put off buying for the last decade of my life...

My total savings? About $33. Plus, I earned $1.91.

If you want to snag this awesome deal before the end of the month, check out Swagbucks then find the item you’ve most dreaded shopping for…

Your Turn: Have you tried deal stacking? Tell us how much you’ve managed to save at once!

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Carson Kohler (@CarsonKohler) is a junior writer at The Penny Hoarder. Her coworkers shamed her for having an old pillow, so she’s getting her new one delivered to the office. Nap time, anyone?