7 Podcasts to Listen to if You’re Serious About Paying Off Debt

A young man listens to a podcast.
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There are some great personal finance books out there. But who has time to read them all?

Sure, there are audiobooks. But some are so dry that not even being stuck in a car can get you to press play.

That’s where podcasts come in: bite-sized, digestible chunks of knowledge that you can get through in one or two commutes. Then, you can move on to the next topic.

They’re great when you need a break from books. But there are so many out there. How do you know which ones are worth your time?

That’s what we’re here for.

The Best Finance Podcasts for People Just Starting Out

As a podcast host myself, I’ve listened to hundreds of finance podcast episodes and rooted through the good ones and the not-as-good.

If you’re just starting to get your finances in order — and you’re looking to spend less, pay off debt and learn where to save — here are the best personal finance podcasts. Our list is sure to cover every personality, preference and time constraint.

How to Money

This is a fun podcast hosted by real-life best friends Joel Larsgaard and Matt Altmix. They start every “How to Money” episode by opening a bottle of craft beer before diving into a widely relevant personal finance topic.

Instead of interviews, you can expect useful conversations between friends that won’t make you feel like a third wheel. They cover everything from frugality and deals to real estate investing, so you’re sure to glean some tips from every episode.

The Money Nerds Podcast

Every week, personal finance coach Whitney Hansen interviews experts in the topics of career development, paying off debt, saving money and more. She also releases bonus episodes every Friday with five tips to help listeners with a variety of money topics.

Hansen is great at breaking down seemingly complex topics like credit scores, money mindset and investing. If you want to learn the basics of personal finance, “The Money Nerds Podcast” will be right up your alley.

Popcorn Finance

Chris Browning talks about personal finance topics in “about the time it takes to make a bag of popcorn,” as the “Popcorn Finance” slogan goes. Some episodes turn out to be three or four bags of popcorn, but you won’t care, because the content is so good and Browning’s voice is so soothing.

Seriously, he should rename this thing “Pot Roast Finance” and just talk to us for three hours every week.

Each episode is a conversation with a different guest on a unique personal finance topic. Some are classic interviews; others are fun debates or bonus content from past guests called “quick pops.” If you’ve got a short commute or get bored easily, “Popcorn Finance” is for you.

The Stacking Benjamins Show

If you’re still convinced that no podcast about money can hold your attention, you haven’t listened to “The Stacking Benjamins” yet.

Joe Saul-Sehy and his band of accomplices — most notably a guy identified only as OG and his mom’s neighbor Doug — release three hilarious episodes every week about timely money topics and new technology.

Every show is funny and will “accidentally” teach you about personal finance topics through interviews that introduce you to new financial apps. There’s even irrelevant trivia that you’ll wait for in every episode.

Marriage, Kids and Money

For families with young children, “Marriage, Kids and Money,” hosted by Andy Hill, is the show for you.

Hill does a mix of solo episodes and interviews about personal finance topics relating to married couples and parents. And if you’re tired of thinking about your marriage and kids, you can find some straight money subjects that everyone can learn from.

This podcast has topics you won’t find on many other shows, so browse the archives — even if you’re single and childless, especially if you don’t plan on staying that way forever.

Afford Anything

Each episode of the “Afford Anything” podcast will inspire you to think beyond what conventional wisdom tells you about personal finance.

Host Paula Pant talks to experts and industry stalwarts and gets them to open up a side of themselves you won’t hear on other podcasts. Her show is a great listen if you want to hear engaging conversations about money, how to spend it and how to optimize it.

The Side Hustle Show

If you’re looking for a side hustle, look no further. Nick Loper’s “The Side Hustle Show” has featured all of them — or at least most of them — in its over 300 episodes.

Every show is an interview with someone who’s started a successful side hustle about how they did it. Loper also answers questions about topics that help side hustlers grow and scale their businesses.

If you’re looking to make money outside of your full-time job, subscribe to his podcast right now.

Jen Smith is a former staff writer at The Penny Hoarder.