Can You Run a 9-Minute Mile? Get Life Insurance for up to 41% off

Woman jogging in front of a lake and buildings
LeoPatrizi/Getty Images
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Do you have a healthy, active lifestyle? Do you eat right and exercise? That’s great, because you’ll almost certainly live longer.

But if that’s the case, why should you pay the same price for life insurance as a couch potato who watches “Walking Dead” marathons and lives off nothing but Big Macs, Funyuns and Mountain Dew? How is that fair?

How Being Healthy Can Save You up to 41% off Life Insurance

There’s one company that has better rates for all your hard work. With its fully underwritten plans, the life insurance company Health IQ rewards runners, cyclists, weightlifters, swimmers, vegetarians and others with up to 41% cheaper rates for a healthy lifestyle. If you qualify after a full medical evaluation, you can even connect your fitness and diet trackers to help get your best rate.

To get your free quote, start by filling out some information about yourself and your health. Health IQ will shop more than 30 carriers, and a licensed agent will connect with you to determine the best policy.

Health IQ’s CEO was inspired to start the company after he had a health scare, dropped 40 pounds and ran a few marathons. Health IQ reviewed tons of medical research demonstrating that fit, health-conscious people live longer. Now it partners with major insurers like Prudential and Transamerica to find affordable policies for you.