Get Paid to Party: Make $16 Per Hour or More as a Brand Ambassador

Get Paid to Party: Make $16 Per Hour or More as a Brand Ambassador

Are you the life of the party? Can you smile and be friendly with strangers for hours at a time? Do you get excited about new products? If so, you probably have what it takes to make $16 per hour or more as a part-time brand ambassador.

What exactly is a brand ambassador? GC Marketing Services explains it like this:

A Brand Ambassador is someone who, at the most basic level, represents a brand in a positive way. It is the duty of a Brand Ambassador to express the message of a company to consumers or people who would gain something from learning about the brand being advertised.

If sharing the message of a company whose products you enjoy sounds like fun, read on to learn how to get started with this potentially lucrative side job.

What do Brand Ambassadors Do?

Brand ambassadors promote a company’s products at events and online. Here are some of the specific tasks you might be doing:

  • Handing out shots for a liquor promotion
  • Answering questions at an information booth
  • Handing out food samples
  • Dressing up as a character
  • Dancing around in a costume
  • Demonstrating new technologies
  • Greeting people at an event
  • Educating customers
  • Handing out flyers
  • Helping with set-up of displays
  • Using Twitter and Facebook to tell people about a new product

You’ll probably work at busy events and venues -- basically anywhere there are a lot of people. For example, bars and nightclubs, concerts, festivals and fairs, beaches, college campuses, sports games, or conventions and trade shows.

Normally you don't work directly for the companies whose products you represent; they contract with event-staffing businesses, and these companies hire you. These part-time gigs typically come and go. When you sign up as a brand ambassador or for a "street team," you fill out a profile and the company calls you for assignments in your area, or you watch for postings on their website or Facebook page. You might work 40 hours one week and then have no work for a month.

This work is not the same as being a buzz-marketing agent, which involves promoting products without people knowing you represent the company. As a brand ambassador, you're clearly and openly working to promote a brand.

Are You Qualified?

"The only requirements are a great attitude, enthusiasm and a solid work ethic," says the staffing company Across the Nation. They prefer to hire people who have worked at events before, but they'll overlook a lack of experience if you're excited to do what needs to be done and can show up on time.

In general, these companies are looking for younger people. From the photos on their websites, it seems that brand ambassadors are rarely older than 35. At least one company appears to hire only college students.

Also, many of the job postings appear to specifically target young woman. For example, a recent post on the Across the Nation Facebook page read, "ATN promo is seeking self-motivated, well-spoken, energetic FEMALE Promotional Models for the Notre Dame Game (INDY) and Philadelphia Rock 'n' Roll event."

How Much Can You Make?

The job post above offered $15 per hour for a 10-hour day in Indianapolis, and the same hourly rate for 22 hours of work over three days in Philadelphia. Another post for an event in Lincoln, Nebraska, is apparently for someone with experience in front of a crowd. Duties include "Emceeing/hosting and verbal crowd control," and "require some pretty standard verbiage/crowd hyping." The pay is $250 for four hours of work.

Rates vary from one employer to the next, as well as for each event. In my research, pay is $14 per hour or higher.

Who's Hiring?

Here are some of the companies looking for brand ambassadors, with a few notes about each. The links are mostly to the companies' Facebook pages, so you can see what kind of work they do. Find the links to apply for a job by clicking the "About" tab on each page.

Victory Marketing Agency

They recently had a large team handing out tennis balls all over NYC for clothing company Lacoste, and another handing out branded bags for American Eagle Outfitters at a music festival in Philadelphia.

My Street Team

Some of the work they mention: promotions for album releases, film release events, publicity stunts and corporate identity campaigns.

Across the Nation

Their clients include Gatorade, Bud Light, Samsung and Microsoft. Recent jobs include an event in Tooele, Utah that paid $14 per hour, and six hours at $16 per hour for being a brand ambassador at a football game in West Lafayette, Indiana. A three-day assignment in Grand Junction, Nebraska paid $16 per hour and a $25 travel stipend.


Some of their promotions this year: a Nabisco "Triscuit" cracker launch (new varieties), a Nike "Unleash the Speed" event in Oregon and a "Mad Men" season opener promotion.

Fusion Event Staffing

Recent assignments required wearing a polar bear costume in Aberdeen Washington ($20 per hour), conducting surveys in Omaha, Nebraska ($16 per hour), and handing out samples at a tailgate party in a Christiansburg, Virginia Walmart parking lot for five hours ($17 per hour).

Bigger Markets

They have "street teams" on 250 college campuses, and members can "Earn $100 or more for as little as one day's work," according to their website.

Check the large job websites regularly to find more postings. Searching "brand ambassador jobs" on just now, for example, turned up positions promoting vodka and tequila brands, and others offering $18 to $20 per hour for "engaging, upbeat and professional brand ambassadors."

Your Turn: Does being a brand ambassador sound like fun to you?