5 Ways to Make and Save Money When Moving

Cardboard Moving Boxes

While you may be excited to move to your new place, if you’re like most people, there’s nothing you despise more than the actual act of moving.  How many hours does it take to pack up, get moving quotes, call all the utilities to disconnect your services.  The chores go on and on.  Ugh.

However, moving actually offers you the perfect chance to both make money and save money.

Sell stuff.  If you have a few months lead time on your move, take time to sell your extra stuff.  Have a garage sale.  Sell higher valued items on eBay.  Use Craigslist.  Depending on what you have, you could easily make several hundred dollars.  Best of all, every item you get rid of is one less item you have to pack and pay to have moved.

Take advantage of intro packages.  You know those utility offers you always see like cable and Internet bundles at incredibly cheap prices that you wanted to take advantage of but didn’t because it’s a hassle to change companies?  Now that you’re setting up somewhere else anyway, use one of these offers and get your Internet and cable for a very low rate.

Compare moving company rates.  You’ll likely be surprised how different moving rates can be among companies.  Your best bet is to go with a company that is only a few years old and is local.  They tend to be able to move you more quickly and at a lower price.  Still, get price comparisons from at least 3 to 4 companies.  Another option many don’t think about is a courier service like http://www.anyvan.com/courier-services.

Negotiate with the landlord.  If you’re moving into a new apartment, try to negotiate a deal with the landlord.  Either negotiate for discounted rent or to have utilities included in the monthly rental cost.  You’ll be surprised how many landlords are willing to negotiate, especially if you have good credit and agree to a two year lease commitment.

Get free boxes.  Don’t pay for moving boxes.  There are so many ways to get them for free!  Ask at your local grocery store.  Most will be willing to set them aside for you to pick up, and they’ll likely have as many boxes as you need.

There’s no way around it; moving is a pain.  That’s why so many people try to do it as infrequently as possible (at least after college).  If you’re going to be moving soon, try some of these tips to both make and save money.

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