Starbucks, SoulCycle and More are Hiring Campus Reps (One Pays $15/Hour!)

When I was in college, I had a series of unglamorous jobs like “flyer girl,” lab test subject, waitress and art model.

If I went back, I’d avoid all those gigs — especially the second one — and instead work as a brand ambassador for a fun company.

Get paid to post on social mediamake new friends and talk about a product you love? For extroverts like me, I can’t think of anything better.

If you agree, get out your notebooks — here are seven cool companies hiring campus ambassadors right now.

1. Starbucks

For realz: You can earn money promoting your favorite addiction.

As a Starbucks brand ambassador, you’ll promote one of the company’s ready-to-drink products (like Doubleshot Energy, Iced Coffee or Starbucks Refreshers) through “sampling activations, social media postings, and awesome giveaways” — with “plenty of opportunities to get your friends involved.”

You must be “creative and outgoing,” “able to generate buzz through word of mouth and social media” and “hooked in with student orgs and groups.”

Oh, and you must LOVE Starbucks. You’ll work three to five hours per week from now through Thanksgiving.

2. SoulCycle

This smokin’ hot indoor cycling company is hiring college ambassadors on 20 campuses (but encourages you to apply even if you don’t see yours listed).

In this position, you’ll “introduce your student community to SoulCycle through events, rides and social media.” You must have “a strong interest and passion for fitness and fun.”

The position is paid, with flexible hours, but doesn’t reveal an hourly rate.

3. Insomnia Cookies

Prefer cookies to working out? Then this one’s for you.

As a campus marketing rep for this cookie delivery service, you’ll be responsible for spreading “excitement and passion” and finding “fun and relatable partnerships.”

… Which shouldn’t be hard, given everyone loves cookies. You’ll work 20 hours per month and earn $10 per hour.  

4. Lyft

If you’re always preaching Lyft’s benefits, you might as well get paid for it.

As a Lyft ambassador, you’ll be the ridesharing company’s “voice and representative” in your city, creating marketing campaigns and partnership opportunities.

You’ll earn “$10 per passenger referral and up to $750 per driver referral,” as well as have the opportunity to work events that pay hourly rates.

This position is available in dozens of cities across the country — and even a few internationally.

5. Monster

You know those people who drive around in ridiculous vehicles and hand out free samples of Monster energy drinks at events? That could be you.

All you have to do is become a member of the Monster Ambassador Team.

To be eligible, you must be 21 or older, and be “outgoing,” “dynamic,” “flexible” and “responsible.” The company is hiring in over 35 cities. To apply, you just need to upload a resume, photo and brief explanation of why you want to join the team.

6. Kaplan

Okay, so maybe this brand isn’t quite as exciting as the others, but it could pay off big in the future. That’s because not only will you earn $15 per hour — you’ll also get a free Kaplan prep course after six months of employment (potentially worth $1,000 or more!).

As a Kaplan student brand ambassador, your role will be to “increase Kaplan’s visibility” and promote its mission on campus. To do this, you’ll create relationships with students and organizations, conduct presentations and share content on social media.

You must be a current student involved in on-campus organizations and willing to stay in the role for at least one year.

7. StudySoup

Want to help your peers get better grades? Introduce them to StudySoup!

Right now, the company’s hiring marketing coordinators to recruit fellow students to the peer-to-peer learning platform.

You must “love meeting new people” and be “eager to learn new skills.” Though “exact compensation is based on completing specific tasks,” it says most students earn at least $12 per hour, “with some earning as much as $250 per week for just 10 hours of work.”

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Your Turn: Which of these jobs sounds the most fun?

Susan Shain, senior writer for The Penny Hoarder, is always seeking adventure on a budget. Visit her blog at, or say hi on Twitter @susan_shain.