The 10 Best Companies for Working Moms (A Few are Even Hiring!)

Best companies for working moms
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Four months of paid maternity leave. Free breastmilk shipping. On-site daycare. Scholarships and parenting workshops.

To many of us, these benefits might seem out of this world — but at some companies, like the ones on Working Mother’s 2016 list of the 100 best for working moms, they’re very real.

Each of the 100 top companies offer a “broad array of support — from flexible work and mentoring to affordable childcare and paid leave — designed to create a culture that allows all employees to flourish,” the site explains.

And since I know working from home is important to many of you, it’s worth noting that 64% of the companies allow more than half their employees to telecommute.

Wondering which companies made the list, which benefits they offer — and if any of them are hiring?

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10 of the Best Companies for Working Moms

Here are the top 10 companies in alphabetical order, along with some of the stellar benefits they offer, according to Working Mother.  

Not surprisingly, four of them also made Fairygodboss’ list of companies where women love their jobs.

1. A.T Kearney

At this management consulting firm, “Anyone who gives birth or adopts may take up to a year off with partial pay,” Working Mother reports, and can work part-time for up to a year upon their return. The company also espouses job sharing and flexible schedules.

Here’s A.T Kearney’s careers page.

2. Accenture

If you work at this corporation, you can take 16 weeks of fully-paid maternity leave — and if you need to travel, the company will even pay for you to ship your breast milk home.

Here’s Accenture’s careers page.

3. Deloitte

This financial services firm has a slew of generous benefits for employees — including mothers. It offers paid sabbaticals, pet insurance and an average 35 days off per year. Plus, it offers 16 weeks of fully-paid family leave to care for a new child, significant other or aging parent.

Here’s Deloitte’s careers page.

4. Ernst & Young LLP

London-based Ernst & Young is one of the “Big 4” auditing firms, and may have taken some cues from its European neighbors. In addition to 16 weeks of paid leave, it offers breastfeeding webinars and up to $25,000 towards adoptions or fertility treatments.

Here’s Ernst & Young’s careers page.

5. IBM

You’ve undoubtedly heard of this technology company, but you may not know about its benefits. Working Mother say it’s a “huge proponent of schedule and career flexibility,” and provides all employees with three weeks of paid vacation — plus holidays.

Here’s IBM’s careers page.

6. Johnson & Johnson

You probably already bathe your little one in J&J products — and the company itself is just as baby-friendly. It offers on-site daycare and nine weeks of fully-paid maternity leave. Plus, Working Mother notes, “women earned 50% of all promotions to executive positions” in 2015.

Here’s J&J’s careers page.

7. McKinsey & Co.

One of the benefits of working for this consulting firm is the many ways it enhances women’s careers through training, flexibility and sabbaticals. And, people raising children with special needs get 20 extra days of paid leave each year, Working Mother reports.

Here’s McKinsey’s careers page.

8. PricewaterhouseCoopers

Another auditing firm, another awesome place for mothers. Not only do employees have access to used breastfeeding equipment and “Mentor Moms,” they can also receive up to $1,000 per year to pay for emergency backup care for kids and other dependents.

Here’s PWC’s careers page.

9. Prudential Financial

This financial services company doesn’t offer as much paid maternity leave as others (around nine weeks, according to Fairygodboss), but does provide on-site childcare and fitness and wellness centers.

Here’s Prudential’s careers page.

10. WellStar Health System

Want to take nine months off to care for a new baby or sick relative? This healthcare company will let you do it — but it won’t all be paid. Other perks include on-site daycare and summer camp, and even a free concierge service to help employees tackle their errands.

Here’s WellStar’s careers page.

In case you don’t know how impressive some of these benefits are, this chart should give you a better idea:

Best companies for working moms
via Working Mother

Ready to work for one of these companies?

I thought so. Unfortunately, our awesome editorial intern Jacquelyn scoured their career pages for work-from-home jobs — and didn’t find much.

Though you could become a project manager for Abbvie or a social media specialist for S&P Global, or start selling Avon, many companies require specialized degrees or training for their remote positions.

And for more entry-level positions, my guess is you need to work in-office before getting the option to telecommute.

One suggestion? Search the list for companies located in your state.

Even if a company isn’t hiring for work-from-home positions right now, you might find jobs with flexible hours — that could eventually allow for full-time telecommuting.

And if you live outside of the U.S., the list is also worth a look, as many of the companies have international locations.

Want to see the full list? Click here.

Your Turn: Have you worked at any of these companies before?

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