Who Run the World? Girls Do at These 8 Co-Working Spaces for Women

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The traditional office setting is becoming obsolete.

Well, maybe not quite yet, but there are so many options these days when it comes to where we work. The rising gig economy, solopreneurship and work-from-home jobs give workers the power to choose where they’ll spend their day and be the most productive.

For some, that means being surrounded by like-minded workers who have similar needs, goals and challenges.

So it’s no surprise there’s been a rise in co-working spaces catering strictly to women.

8 Awesome Co-Working Spaces That Cater to Women

A desk space, printer, wifi and maybe free coffee are pretty much the basics across the board for all co-working spaces.

These eight spots go beyond the typical to focus on what female entrepreneurs and freelancers might desire, like hair and makeup services, posh decor, child care and women-centric after-hours events.

They bring new meaning to the phrase “girl power.”

1. Hera Hub

The spa is a relaxing atmosphere, so why not bring some of those vibes to the workplace?

Hera Hub, with locations in San Diego and Washington, D.C. (and coming soon to Phoenix and Sweden), boasts a spa-like environment. The spaces were designed with the five senses in mind — aromatic candles, soft music, tranquil water features and all.

Members also get exclusive networking opportunities, weekly workshops and monthly social events.

The cost of membership varies by location, with San Diego ranging from $69 to $369 and Washington, D.C., ranging from $89 to $429.

2. The Hivery

The Hivery’s founder, Grace Kraaijvanger, opened this space in Mill Valley, California, after spending time working from home and feeling isolated. She dreamed of a space where women could be successful in a “kind, supportive and light-filled environment.”

Co-working spaces start at $275 a month with a one-time $75 signup fee.

For those who crave being involved in the community — taking advantage of special workshops and events — but don’t need a workspace, the monthly membership is $75.

3. Whetstone Workgroup

One of the fringe benefits for members at Whetstone Workgroup in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is drop-in daycare for working moms.

Founder Jessica Strong told Marketplace the co-working space was initially intended to be catered to moms and dads.

“It just so happens that women are the ones that left the workforce to be home more with their kids,” she said.

Whetstone markets itself as a space for freelancers, with a variety of workspaces, including a communal table and standing desks.

Costs for space here run $125 a month or $25 a day. Daycare is additional at $6 an hour for one child and $4 an hour for each additional kid.

4. Rise Collaborative Workspace

Rise Collaborative Workspace, in St. Louis, Missouri, targets not just today’s working woman but tomorrow’s, too. The group offers special memberships for teen girls to use the space to complete their academic work alongside professional women.

Teens can also take advantage of mentorships and internships.

The site includes 11 private offices, one large classroom, three conference rooms and over 3,000 square feet of flexible work stations and collaboration space.

Membership plans for professionals start at $120 a month for part-time access and $200 a month for full-time access. High school students can choose a plan for $25 a month or $50 a month for more access.

5. The Wing

The Wing, based in New York City, serves as both a workspace and social club for women. Members here can not only take care of business but also take care of themselves.

Amenities include showers, hair services, makeup on demand and a lactation room.

To join, costs are $215 a month or $2,250 annually, with a one-time registration fee of $100.

6. Paper Dolls

Located in Los Angeles (with plans for more locations), Paper Dolls began as a series of curated dinner parties and expanded into a co-work environment for female entrepreneurs.

Those using the workspace can choose to drop in on a daily basis, reserve a dedicated desk for the month or snag a private office.

Additional membership perks include access to private networking events, webinars, a speaker series and complimentary GlamSquad styling.

Membership plans range from $99 a year to $499 a year.  

7. SheWorks Collective

Located in New York City, SheWorks Collective provides an airy loft space with lots of natural light for an intimate group of 18 members, who can choose to rent a flex desk or reserve a private workstation.

Costs for a flex desk range from $50 per month to $250 per month depending on how often you need to use it. Private workstations go for $498 a month.

Another option to stay connected is a free virtual membership, which gives you access to the group’s online community and priority for its meetups and events.

8. The Riveter

A brand new space planned to open in May, The Riveter in Seattle has a mission is to “empower women in work and wellness” — though anyone with entrepreneurial spirit is welcome to join.

Perks include a fitness studio, a meditation room, childcare solutions, a kitchen and a concierge.

Presale rates start at $325 a month for a floating desk or $400 a month for a dedicated desk. You can reserve a private workspace for $700 a month or a larger workspace for $1,000 a month.

Not ready for the monthly commitment? The Riveter will soon roll out memberships to reserve desks daily or by the hour, as well as community memberships for those who aren’t looking for a workspace but want to be plugged into the network.

The female-focused office venue is already planning a second location to open in neighboring Bellevue, Washington, in the fall.

Your Turn: Would you like to work at one of these spots?

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