These 5 Shows Will Pay You Up to $70 to Be Part of the Live Studio Audience

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I appreciate shows with live studio audiences.

The cheering and clapping, the random shouts. But I’ve always wondered: Who actually goes to these shows?

Well, you could. And you could get paid to do so.

5 Shows That’ll Pay You To Be a Live Audience Member

New York Show Tickets lists the shows that offer free audience tickets — as well as some that will actually pay you to show up.

So next time you’re visiting New York City (or Stamford, Connecticut), ditch the pricy Broadway show, and get paid to check these out.

1. “AOL Build Show”

This internet-only show is streamed live on AOL Build. It features one-on-one interviews with actors, entrepreneurs, authors, musicians and celebs. Some recent guests include Simone Biles, Kathy Griffin and Sterling K. Brown.

“The show allows for the studio audience to be up close and personal with guests, providing an intimate experience for audience members that few other talk shows can offer,” according to the show summary.

Pay is $30.  Click here for the inside scoop.

2. “Beat Bobby Flay”

Have you all watched this Food Network show? It’s arguably one of the most audience-interactive shows out there. (It airs Thursday nights at 10 p.m., by the way.)

It’s not currently taping (that usually happens in the fall), but mark your calendar. You’ll get paid $60 to watch — and smell — the food created by talented chefs.

Plus, you get to see Bobby Flay in action. Dream come true?

Click here to get the sweet (or spicy) deets.

3. “Knife Fight”

This isn’t one of those ninja shows — it’s all about food.

There’s a whole speakeasy vibe going on as chefs compete in restaurant kitchens after hours. It’s like “Chopped”– chefs are given mandatory ingredients to incorporate into their dishes. (Think: jackfruit, pig’s head, live catfish…)

Bonus points: Drew Barrymore is the executive producer. Oh, and you’ll get paid $48.

Click here for the cut-and-dry details.

4. “The People’s Court”

Confession: I used to love watching this show in high school. And audience member reactions make it that much more entertaining.

The premise: Judge Milian asks all the right questions, sometimes yelling, sometimes beating her gavel, sometimes making people cry. And the “hallway guy” interviews litigants after a decision has been made. It all makes for good TV.

And you can get paid $70 to attend. Note: This one is taped in Stamford, Connecticut.

Click here to read up and avoid legal issues (just kidding).

5. “The Steve Wilkos TV Show”

Remember how “The Jerry Springer Show” had to bring bodyguards in to defuse fights? Steve Wilkos was one of those bodyguards, and he landed his own show in 2007.

It’s similar to “The Jerry Springer Show” in that it features wacky guests.

“Steve has been head-butted, hit in the head by a metal bowl and attacked on stage all during the taping of the show,” the show summary says.

You can get paid $55 to see all of this go down.

Want in on the action? Click here to learn more.

Your Turn: Which audience would you want to be part of?

Carson Kohler (@CarsonKohler) is a junior writer at The Penny Hoarder. After recently completing graduate school, she focuses on saving money — and surviving the move back in with her parents.