Attention Shoppers: New Website Pays You to Share Deals

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I know for some people the thought of getting up at 4 a.m. to stand in line and fight crowded parking lots sounds miserable, but I’ve got to confess — I absolutely love Black Friday.

I’ve participated every year for as long as I can remember and I’ve often made extra money by buying and reselling the items I’ve found on sale. One year I even paid for a semester’s worth of tuition by buying digital cameras on Black Friday and then reselling them on Ebay a few days later. I had to go to 7 different Targets that day, but it was definitely worth it! 🙂

Usually I start scouting the deal sites in October to get an idea of the items that might have earning potential. While scouting the other day, I stumbled upon an awesome new deal website that has earned itself a permanent spot in my bookmark folder. bills itself as “A Deal Site With A Twist,” and that’s because they literally pay their users to post deals and alert the community about items that are on sale.

(Update: It looks like Sumballo is no longer around.)

How it works…

You don’t need an account to search through the site’s deals, but if you want to earn money by posting deals, you’ll need to sign up for a free account.

It’s pretty easy to post a deal and Sumballo’s website even has a great how-to video if you need help. To start, click on the “post a deal” link in the upper right hand corner and then use their special form to paste the link to the deal you’ve found and add a short description of the sale item.

Sumballo does the rest and within a few seconds you’ll see your deal posted on the front page of their website. They even install a tracking url so that you can watch the number of clicks your deal receives.

Every time a visitor clicks on your deal and buys the item, you’ll earn a percentage of the sales (some stores pay a significant amount more than others).

How Much Can You Make?

Just as an example, one user recently posted a deal for a network storage device that was marked down 67%. Over 20 people clicked on the link and bought the item, resulting in a $20 commission for the Sumballo user. Cool, right?

You can withdraw your earnings via Paypal at anytime and Sumballo will also increase your payout percentage as you become more successful.

While Sumballo users share all kinds of coupons and deals, you can only earn money on deals that are available for purchase online. That’s because Sumballo can only track purchases made through one of their partners, however they have partnerships with more than 600 online stores including most of the big retailers like,, and

Extreme Couponing

Sumballo also has a section on their website dedicated to showing you how to become an extreme coupononer. Each week they post the sales ad from more than a dozen grocery/drug stores and the links to coupons you can print to make the deals even better. If you follow their tips, you might significantly reduce your grocery bill and in some cases they’ll even show you how to get items for free.

In addition to reducing your grocery bill, it’s also possible to make money by buying the free items that Sumballo suggests and reselling them online. I’ve had some success doing this with the weekly deals at CVS & Walgreens (see my article “Make Money Shopping at Drug Stores“).

Your Turn: Would you post a deal on Sumballo to make extra money?

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