Pokemon Go is Hiring! Plus 18 Other Cool Ways to Boost Your Bank Account

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Image from Pokemon/Intstagram
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Sick and tired of your job?

Want to find a new one — one that actually inspires you?

Keep reading.

Below, we share some cool jobs hiring right now, including openings at fun companies like Pokemon Go, Lisa Frank and Yelp — plus a few other ways to boost your bank account.

1. Catch ‘Em All for Pokemon Go

Seika - Creative Commons
Seika/Creative Commons

Good news: We’ve found a way for you to make money off your Pokemon Go obsession.

Niantic Labs, the company that runs the game, is hiring eight positions in its California and Seattle offices.

The openings are mostly for tech-savvy job-seekers — ranging from software engineer to game developer — but you could still apply to either the operations or office manager positions.

Good luck catching one of these jobs!

2. Help Doctors Find a Cure

sturti/Getty Images

Could medical testing be a fun way to make money?

Jillian Shea thinks it is: She made $12,000 from participating in sleep studies. She answered a few questions online from her home in Florida before heading to Boston for the lucrative study.

Want to give it a try? If you have one of these ailments, you might be able to earn a little extra cash…

– Migraines: If you’ve never had a migraine, be glad you can just take my word for it: They really, really suck. Local research studies may offer payment/compensation up to $625 (learn more here). These studies help doctors discover better ways to treat — and hopefully eliminate — migraines.

– Arthritis: If you have rheumatoid arthritis in the knee and/or hip and are otherwise healthy, you could qualify for a study that offers up to $625 compensation for sharing your thoughts and opinions. (Learn more here.)

– Crohn’s disease – Have you been diagnosed with this chronic gastrointestinal disease? If you’ve had Crohn’s for at least three months, you may qualify for one of the local studies that may offer payment that varies by study up to $750. Plus, you may also receive no-cost study-related care for the length of the study. (Learn more here)

3. Become a Professional Cuddler

PeopleImages/Getty Images
PeopleImages/Getty Images

Wanna get paid to spoon?

The Snuggle Buddies is hiring snugglers across the country.

You’ll make $40 per hour, plus $15 for each hour spent in transit to the cuddle location. (However, the listing notes you’ll have more bookings if you accept clients into your own home.)

You’ll work 5-15 hours per week, and can be based anywhere in the U.S., Canada, the U.K. or Australia.

4. Get $5 From Stash to Start an Investment Account

AlekZotoff/Getty Images
AlekZotoff/Getty Images

I’m kind of obsessed with Stash (and not just because it gives you $5).

What I like about Stash is it’s an uncomplicated way to start investing. You just choose from a set of simple portfolios reflecting your beliefs, interests and goals, and it’ll do the rest.

To get the $5 bonus, just click this link and enter your email, download the Stash smartphone app and set up your account with the same email address. Within two business days, you’ll see the bonus added to your account.

I already got my bonus and now I’m investing $5/week. I’m already up to $40! That might sound small, but for someone who resists saving money like the plague, it’s a pretty remarkable start.

5. Drive with Uber

PeopleImages/Getty Images
PeopleImages/Getty Images

If you find solace on the road and enjoy discovering the best route across town, you might as well make money doing it.

As an Uber driver partner, you’re responsible for setting your schedule and motivating yourself to work — no one is keeping tabs on you. Your earnings will be calculated by adding a base fare, plus time and distance traveled after your pickup, and Uber charges a service fee (20-35% depending on your city).

Want to give it a try? There are a few things to keep in mind: You must be at least 21 years old and able to pass a background check, and you must have three years of driving experience, an in-state driver’s license and a clean driving record.

6. Share Food- and Travel-Porn

ParkerDeen/ GettyImages

As the social media manager for Tastemade, you’ll get to curate a platform of beautiful food and travel photos and videos. YUM.

Since you’ll need to create the channel’s calendar and voice, you should have at least four years of experience managing social media for a lifestyle brand, plus a passion for Tastemade’s mission.

In return, you’ll receive a slew of benefits, including health insurance, a 401(k), stock options, new hardware and flexible vacation days.

7. Choose Killer Jewelry (in Your PJs!)

Aleksa_D/ GettyImages

Jewelry subscription service Rocksbox is searching for part-time stylists to curate boxes filled with designer jewelry from the comfort of their own homes.

No specific experience is required, but you must be “passionate about fashion with an ability to recognize and spot new trends.” And pick the right frosting for every client, of course.

You’ll start as soon as possible and work anywhere from 10 to 40 hours per week.  

8. Design Unicorns for Lisa Frank

PeopleImages.com/ GettyImages

Yes, all your ‘90s-child dreams are coming true: Lisa Frank is hiring digital artists to help the company “[paint] the world in rainbow colors.”

Requirements for this position include a bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in graphic design, as well as proficiency with the Adobe Creative Suite. You also must be a non-smoker.

You’ll work in Tucson, Arizona, so you should live there or be willing to relocate for the job. The company offers a “competitive salary and benefits based on experience.”

Better get doodlin’!

9. Gossip About Celebrities

PeopleImages.com/ GettyImages

Is TMZ your homepage? Then you might be the perfect fit for this remote celebrity writer job at The Cheat Sheet.

This fast-growing website is looking for someone with an “almost encyclopedic knowledge of celebrities and entertainment trends.”

You’ll need a four-year degree or equivalent experience, a strong understanding of SEO and a passion for entertainment. The company offers “competitive” salaries, health insurance and 401(k) plans.  

10. Open Another Bank Account

Eva Katalin Kondoros/ GettyImages
Eva Katalin Kondoros/GettyImages

Did you know some banks will pay you just to open a new account? We have a huge list of banks that do just that — some pay up to $250!

And there’s nothing wrong with having multiple bank accounts. You actually might find it’s helpful to have more than one place to save; you’ll be less likely to touch the money if it’s in a totally separate account!

The top bank bonus is $250 right nowclick here to see all the banks in your area offering free cash.

11. Cruise to Work

danzil raines/ Creative Commons
danzil raines/Creative Commons

All aboard! In this unique job, you’ll work as a deckhand for a Jacksonville, Florida-based cruise line.

You’ll live onboard a cruise ship for 16 weeks and help with an array of tasks, from customer service to steering the ship, as well as standard maintenance and cleaning. The position pays $700-$900 per week.

You won’t have any expenses, because the position covers room and board — and, since you’ll be sequestered on a boat the whole time, you won’t really have anywhere to spend your earnings.

Translation? You’ll return to land with a nest egg of at least $11,200.  

12. Play Video Games

baron valium/Creative Commons
baron valium/Creative Commons

Are you a total video game nerd? Then I couldn’t think of a better position for you than becoming a beta game tester with VMC.

You’ll get your hands on AAA games, which have the highest development budgets and levels of promotion, prior to any national release. Think: “Star Wars: Battlefront,” the “Call of Duty” titles and “Grand Theft Auto.”

To apply, you must be at least 18 years old, and have the ability to keep a secret, follow instructions and be professional.

13. Rep Your Hometown

greychr / Creative Commons
greychr/Creative Commons

Yelp, the ultra-popular online review service, is searching for community ambassadors in nine cities.

If you live in (and love!) one of the locations, and are the “go-to person” for restaurant and activity recommendations, then this job might be for you.

You’ll need to be a “social connector,” who’s “passionate about event planning, social networking, guerrilla marketing and PR.”

You’ll work 10-15 hours per week from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection. You must be over the age of 21 and have reliable transportation.


14. Teach English Online

gpointstudio / GettyImages

Now this sounds like a fun side gig!

If you’re a native English speaker with at least an associate degree, you could spend 15 hours per week teaching English online with Education First.

You must be willing to commit to the position for a minimum of eight months. You’ll earn $10 per hour with the opportunity for a raise after three to five months.

15. Travel the World as a Personal Chef

PeopleImages.com / GettyImages

Got some culinary chops?

Then you should definitely take a look at this personal chef position. It’s based in Greenwich, Connecticut, but includes travel to the family’s other homes in Aspen, Colorado; Palm Beach, Florida; New York City and Europe.  

You’ll cook “simple, healthy, family-style meals” for a family of four, and occasionally host special dinners and parties.

The job pays $70,000-$90,000 per year, with the possibility for bonuses. Pretty tasty, if you ask me!

16. Fix Budgets for YNAB

sturti / GettyImages

We love You Need a Budget. And the only thing better than the site’s easy-to-use personal finance app? Its sweet career opportunities.

As a confidently humble part-time support rep, you’ll keep the company’s customers happy by answering questions over email.

After a paid, eight-week trial period, you’ll earn $13-$17 per hour and work a set schedule of 20 hours per week — all from the comfort of your own home.

17. Use Your Brain (and Google)

United Soybean Board/Creative Commons
United Soybean Board/Creative Commons

If you’re a curious cat, listen up: This researcher job at Wonder means you’ll get paid to answer interesting questions.

As a freelance researcher, you’ll work remotely, set your own schedule and choose which research requests you complete.

Former researcher and TPH staff writer Jamie Cattanach says typical pay is $13 and up per request — which means you could earn $13 per hour or more.

“You have to complete a research project gratis to qualify, and that’s about a two-hour time investment,” she points out. But overall, “It’s not bad. And if you’re genuinely interested in learning, it’s awesome.”

18. Write for Upworthy


You’ve heard of Upworthy, right? It’s that publisher always sharing heartwarming stories on important topics. And right now, it’s seeking a remote writer to join its team.

You must have strong communication skills, plus two years of experience in journalism, copywriting, performing, marketing or activism.

In addition to competitive compensation, you’ll receive equity, unlimited time off and parental leave, as well as health and retirement benefits.

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