I’m on a Boat: This App Will Let You Rent Out Your Watercraft for Cash

aerial view of boats in a dock
Sweet Ice Cream Photography/Unsplash

A smart Penny Hoarder with a mind for making money knows owning something that’s not being used is a good opportunity to earn some cash.

Those old CDs and DVDs collecting dust — sell them on Decluttr.

That car sitting in the garage — use it to make money through Uber or Lyft.

That spare bedroom that only sees guests a few times a year — rent it out on Airbnb.

Heck, you could even rent out your couch or backyard.

So when we came across this Curbed article on GetMyBoat, we knew we had to share.

GetMyBoat, an app that launched in 2013, allows boat owners to rent out their watercraft online. The app contains listings for over 75,000 boats in 171 countries, according to the app’s site.

Now, I don’t have a yacht or a houseboat just lying around to rent out (nor does anyone I know), but I was pleasantly surprised to find out you can also use the app to rent out smaller watercraft like kayaks and jet skis.

In my local area, one owner is renting a specialty fishing kayak for $30 an hour, while another is renting kayaks for $30 a day.

I checked on the prices to purchase a kayak (because I don’t have one of those lying around either), and Dick’s Sporting Goods has this one for sale for $199.98. Renting it out for $30 seven times would cover its cost (not factoring in taxes or shipping).

So whether you’re looking for a way to make purchasing a new watercraft more affordable or you want to make money from the one you already have, GetMyBoat is a resource you should keep in mind.

Nicole Dow is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder. The closest thing to a watercraft she owns is a pool float. Maybe she’ll have to rent a boat.