Love Shooting GoPro Videos? How to Get Paid for It

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If you indulge in any extreme sports, no doubt you’ve seen someone with a GoPro strapped to their helmet or chest — or you’ve been that person filming your adventures skiing, surfing, mountain biking, performing daredevil stunts and even swimming with sharks.

Until recently, you probably just used your footage to impress your friends online. However, if you make high-quality videos, GoPro could help you cash in on your clips.

While you could already make money from your videos by creating a YouTube channel, GoPro’s new online content licensing portal helps you sell your footage to companies that want to use it in their marketing campaigns.

How Does GoPro Licensing Work?

Through the new system, you’ll be able to license your videos and images for use in advertisements, news stories and entertainment.

“The high-end offering is all about inspiring creative professionals to use beautiful imagery, incredible stories, and rich data created by GoPro and GoPro creators,” according to a post on GoPro's blog.

The goal is to make it easier for advertising firms and news outlets to license videos from their creators while complying with copyrights and other rules. It also makes it easier for people with great videos to share them with potential buyers — and earn back the price of their GoPros.

How to Sign Up for GoPro Licensing

For now, you’ll have to apply to be considered for GoPro Licensing, though you can join a waiting list to be notified when the company starts accepting more video creators, reports the BBC.

To be accepted, you’ll need to make high-quality videos. Some of the 600 videos on the site at launch are even 4K ultra-high definition.

Potential Licensing Earnings

GoPro hasn’t released details on how much content creators will earn when their videos are licensed, according to Engadget.

But since GoPro’s charging at least $1,000 for a six-month license, according to Adweek, it's likely worth your while to try and get some of your best footage on the site. So make sure you’re ready to showcase your best work.

How to Make Cool GoPro Videos

While you're waiting to be approved for GoPro Licensing, why not brush up on your filmmaking skills? Forbes analyzed GoPro videos to see what makes a good viral video.

For example, the popular “GoPro: Lions – The New Endangered Species” shows a man wrestling and cuddling with lions. It has more than 28 million views and 91,500 shares!

Why does this video continue to be so popular?

It Pulls at Your Heartstrings

You can see the intense emotional connection between the man and the lions — it brings up “strong psychological responses of exhilaration, knowledge, awe and warmth,” says Forbes’ Mark Fidelman.

And these strong emotions make viewers more likely to share the video, since they want their friends to have those positive feelings, too.

It’s Part of a Larger Content Strategy

If the video was a one-off, it would be more easily forgotten. But since GoPro releases a steady stream of videos, “each new release will encourage sharing of recent releases and eke more value from the available content,” says Fidelman.

The lesson: While you’re waiting for your application to reach the top of the waitlist, plan a series of related videos to encourage companies to license more of your footage.

Your Turn: Will you try licensing your GoPro videos through the new portal?

Kristen Pope is a freelance writer and editor in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

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