This is a Weird Thing to Do at Work, But It Could Help You Earn More Money

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Do you feel like other people in your office are better at building their network, getting their ideas heard during meetings and moving up the career ladder? Do you want to know how to get involved and get included?

The Harvard Business Review has one suggestion: visualize money. Believe it or not, taking some time to think about money can help you be a better team player.

Why Visualize Money?

The Harvard Business Review completed studies suggesting that people who took the time to visualize money felt more connected and more social at work:

Our research, focused on the workplace context, finds that simple thoughts of money can reinforce ostracized employees’ perceived belonging in the organization. Such perceptions lead ostracized employees to maintain, rather than withdraw, their prosocial tendencies at work.

In other words, if you feel left out or like you’re not fully part of the team, start thinking about money. You’ll begin performing more “prosocial” activities — engaging with coworkers, providing suggestions during team meetings, listening and responding to your team’s needs.

And, according to Inc., being a team player is one of the five habits of people who always get promoted. So, thinking about those dollars might help you earn more!

Visualize Money, Earn Money

Why does visualizing money work?

First, it’s a reminder of why we go to work every day, and why it’s important to speak up in meetings as well as engage in social activities, like team lunches or happy hour.

It also works because, as the Harvard Business Review puts it,simple thoughts of money can provide a sense of strength.” Think about money and you’ll feel prepared to take on whatever challenges you and your team are facing.

If you think about money, you’ll be reminded of why you do the job you do.

You’ll be better prepared to find opportunities to improve your work, speak up in meetings and build connections with your co-workers. This, in turn, makes you a better employee — which often leads to more money!

Your Turn: Have you ever done visualization exercises? Do they work? Would you try visualizing money?

Nicole Dieker is a freelance writer focusing on personal finance and personal stories. Her work has appeared in The Billfold, The Toast, Yearbook Office, The Write Life and Boing Boing.

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