These 5 Parenting Sites Will Pay You to Write Stories About Your Kids

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Your world shifts when you gain the title of mom or dad. You’ll learn new things about yourself, and you’re bound to come across incredible moments you just have to share with those around you.

Why not get paid for telling those parenthood stories?

These five parenting sites dole out cash for accepted submissions.

1. FamilyFun Magazine

FamilyFun focuses on families with kids from 3 to 12. It accepts article queries and completed work on topics including crafts, food, travel and more.

Compensation varies depending on which section you choose to write for and the length of your piece.

On the low end, you can receive $100 for submitting a photograph paired with a 50- to 200-word first-person piece on how your family has fun. On the high end, you could get paid $1.25 per word for a 3,000-word feature story and earn $3,750 if your query is accepted.

It could take up to eight weeks to receive a response to your submission. See here for more information.

2. Parent Co.

Parent Co. focuses on parenthood topics from positive, informed and sometimes lighthearted perspectives. The publication accepts a variety of submissions, including personal essays, research-backed investigations, timely reporting, reviews and roundups.

Writers can get paid $50 to $150 for previously unpublished work, plus they have an opportunity to receive bonuses up to $300 based on how much engagement the article receives on social media.

The site notifies writers within three weeks to inform them if their submission has been accepted.

The publication also hosts a monthly writer contest that solicits creative nonfiction content — 500 to 800 words long — based on a specific theme that changes each month. The contest pays $150 for the winning submission. Finalists whose pieces are shared on Parent Co’s Facebook page can receive up to $300 based on social media engagement.

See here for more information about writing for Parent Co.

3. Focus on the Family Magazine

Focus on the Family is a Christian-based publication with marriage and parenting content. This magazine publishes practical parenting advice, articles teaching children about biblical lessons, features on well-known Christian personalities and stories told from unique perspectives such as adoptive families, blended families or single-parent families.

The magazine’s call-for-submissions page outlines the type of content editors are immediately seeking. For example, until Dec. 7, 2017, the publication is accepting 600-word stories about helping children in blended families deal with isolation. Compensation for accepted submission is $200.

There is also an ongoing call for 50- to 300-word submissions on practical ideas for parenting children in specific age groups. These submissions pay $50 if accepted.

The magazine’s writers’ guidelines detail the general content editors seek throughout the year. Pay starts at 25 cents per word for most submissions.

4. Her View From Home

Her View from Home is a lifestyle site with stories told from the perspective of mothers. The site accepts 600- to 800-word pieces about parenting, family, health, grief and other topics.

Payment is based on how many unique views your article receives. On the low end, writers get paid $5 if their post receives 250 to 500 unique views. On the high end, writers receive $100 for posts that get over 4,000 views.

Writers can also submit previously published content for the chance to earn $50 if their republished piece receives 10,000 or more new unique views.

The site states it attempts to reply to submissions within two weeks. See here for more information.

5. Babygaga

Babygaga focuses on pregnancy and babies. This publication accepts submissions that cover topics including gestation symptoms, pregnancy fitness, newborn facts, DIY projects and more.

Though the site states all published pieces are paid, it does not detail the amount of compensation.

Interested writers must fill out a contributor application form that includes three ideas for potential articles. See here for more information.

Nicole Dow is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder. She enjoys writing about parenting and money.

Editorial assistant Jessica Gray contributed to this post.