Get Paid to Play Pokemon Go: Apply for One of These Jobs

Camilo Durán under Creative Commons

As you may have noticed, even more people than usual are walking around outside staring at their phones — even a few pale, nerdy types who look like they haven’t seen sunlight in years.

That’s because Pokemon Go is basically breaking the internet right now. It’s even doing better than Facebook, Snapchat and Tinder.

And if you’ve got the right chops, you might be able to help Pokemon Go get even better — and make some cash along the way.

Yes, You Can Really Work for The Company that Made Pokemon Go

After its overwhelming success, Niantic Labs, the company that runs Pokemon Go, soon figured out it needed some more help.

It’s hiring for seven positions based in California and Washington. You probably can’t catch ‘em all — but maybe one of these jobs is a fit!

The openings are largely for tech-savvy job-seekers, ranging from software engineer to game developer.

But if you’ve got a bachelor’s degree and some relevant experience, you might be a fit for the operations or global community manager positions — even if you can’t code yet.

(Psst: Want to learn to code for free? Check out Karlie Kloss’s awesome scholarship program for women!)

Because we know that all of you were anxiously awaiting for work to end today so that you could go play #PokemonGO.

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No matter which job you apply for, you should probably know your Pikachu from your Charizard — the global community manager listing specifies being an “Avid Pokemon player” and “passionate gamer” as requirements.

Sound like you or someone you love?

Check out all of the openings and submit an application here.

And as your trainer would say at the start of the game: Good luck!

Your Turn: Will you apply for any of these awesome Pokemon Go jobs?

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