Put a Billboard on Your House & This Guy Will Pay Your Mortgage

Home specialists say that you should paint your house every 5 years.

Allow me to recommend orange and green with “Brainiacs from Mars” written in Comic Sans MS type. Additional accent details of Facebook and Twitter icons are a must.

It might not be your dream house paint-job, but if you are looking to have your mortgage paid for a year, it’s a curb appeal you may want to consider.

How It Works…

A new publicity company, Brainiacs from Mars, just launched and what better way to promote a new venture specializing in creating buzz than proving your publicity prowess? Penny Hoarders take note; there’s money to be earned from publicity stunts. This one involves letting a marketing company paint your house in exchange for a free ride on your mortgage.

Brainiacs from Mars is accepting applications from homeowners who are willing to paint the front of their homes with the company colors and logos. 1,000 homeowners will be selected to participate in the promotion. If selected, Brainiacs from Mars will design and paint the front of your home for free. As an incentive for transforming your house into a giant billboard, they will cover your mortgage payments for up to one year. When you call it quits on the advertisement, they will paint your house back to the original colors.

Who Should Apply?

Obviously, you are going to need to be a homeowner for this one. However, Brainiacs from Mars are looking particularly for individuals who are struggling to keep up with mortgage payments. The strategy behind the stunt is to create buzz while making an impact on communities struggling from economic difficulties.

The first candidates selected were a deaf couple straining to make payments on a $2,000 mortgage. Marketers are looking to select homes from across America, but most applications that have been received are from NV, FL and CA.

Before You Apply

While this marketing program provides opportunities for those who are in danger of foreclosure, there are some caveats.

What will your neighbors think? They might be supportive of extreme efforts to save your home, but that goodwill can only last so long. Comments from locals who witnessed the first of these promotional homes showed that most neighbors showed only temporary support for the unusual paint-job.

Most local governments have detailed zoning laws regulating advertisements. You might be able to paint your house any color you want, but giant ads are definitely going to raise red flags. So far, zoning officials haven’t pulled the plug on this program, but that isn’t to say that they couldn’t.

Whatever you do, don’t try and sell your home with a billboard paintjob. You definitely want to be careful about locking yourself into a year deal, because you aren’t likely to attract many interested buyers with a “Brainiacs from Mars” advertisement painted across the front. 🙂

So, Penny Hoarders…. Would You Let “Brainaics From Mars” paint your house if it meant your mortgage was paid for?