Would You Sell an Organ to Get Rid of Your Student Loans?

student debt
Juergen Faelchle under Creative Commons

Are you crushed by the weight of your student loans? Do you wish they’d somehow disappear?

Many people feel the same way. Some are so eager to be free of their debt, in fact, they’d give up an organ just to pay it off.

A recent MyBankTracker survey asked visitors what they’d do to eliminate their student loans. Here are the results:

Keep in mind this sample is tiny — as well as skewed — since it’s based on the responses of 200 visitors to one personal finance site. Still, the level of desperation some people have reached is palpable.

Crazy (and Legit) Ways to Get Rid of Your Loans

If you understand the struggles faced by these respondents, you may think selling an organ sounds like a pretty good idea. It’s not legal in the United States, though — and even if it were, we wouldn’t recommend it.

We’re not going to leave you hanging, though. Here are some wacky ways you can make money with your body:

Lastly, we can’t neglect to mention of all the ideas posed by the survey, active military duty is the one legitimate option — and it would help with your debt enormously. One man, for example, paid off $108,000 of student loans (from college and law school) by joining the Army.

When it comes to student loans, it’s important to think outside the box. With a little creativity, you’ll discover lots of crazy ways to earn money and, eventually, say goodbye to your debt.

Your Turn: What would YOU do to erase your student loans? Would you give up an organ? Live on nothing but spinach for a year? Let’s hear it!

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