Canadian Money Boldly Goes Where No Currency Has Gone Before

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If you need one more reason to cross the border, we’ve found a fun one for Star Trek fans.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the sci-fi universe, the Royal Canadian Mint launched a line of Star Trek collectible coins last month.

And they’re better than you imagine.

The new coins feature characters from the original TV series, including Kirk and Scotty, played by Canadian-born actors William Shatner and James Doohan, respectively.

They’re in full, glorious color — red shirts and all, folks — and, yes, they are legal tender in Canada.

They’ll probably fetch a better value on the collectible market than at the bank, though.

Canadian Coins Now Feature Star Trek Characters

The most impressive of the coins is the CA$200 pure gold coin in the delta shape of the famous Starfleet insignia. Only 1,500 were minted, and even at CA$1,300 ($1,020) each, they quickly sold out, reports Nerdist.

Photo Source: The Royal Canadian Mint


Some coins come at a more reasonable price. You can pick up the CA$20 fine silver coin featuring the starship Enterprise at face value, just $15.69 from the U.S.

Photo Source: The Royal Canadian Mint


A set of four CA$10 coins featuring colored images of Kirk, Scotty, Spock and Uhura costs CA$54.95, just a few dollars over face value.

Photo Source: The Royal Canadian Mint

If you want to get your hands on these coins, act fast. The mint is quickly selling out, and savvy sellers are already boosting prices and listing the coins on eBay.

Canadian Money is Kind of Awesome

If sci-fi characters aren’t your Enterprise, don’t worry. That’s not the only thing that makes Canadian money way cooler than ours.

Canada’s futuristic polymer bills are also see-through, waterproof and nearly tear-proof.

And before it started stamping Federation members on its coins, the Mint asked Canadians to vote on its next coin design — from the nation’s iconic goose to a snowman reminiscent of “Frozen.”

Says our resident Canadian (yeah, we have one), “We already have beavers and hockey and caribou on our money, so why not?”

Your Turn: If you could stamp any image on a coin, what would it be?

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