VIP Voice Review: We Put This Paid Survey Site to the Test

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Online survey sites are hit or miss. That’s why it’s worth researching each one before signing up and giving away your deepest, darkest secrets — or at least your email address.

In this review, we’re focusing on one option: VIP Voice.

What Is VIP Voice?

VIP Voice is a well-known survey site owned by the NPD Group, a Better Business Bureau A+-rated market research company founded in 1966.

Clients pay the NPD Group to collect consumer data through VIP Voice surveys. You answer the questions and get compensated for your time.

But here’s where it differs from some other survey sites: VIP Voice rewards users with points instead of cash. You’ll submit these points as sweepstake entries, potentially winning cash or a prize.

VIP Voice issues more than 12 million surveys each year, according to its website. Clients vary by industry, so you’ll find a wide selection of survey topics, including automotive, beauty, food and video games.

Signing up: How VIP Voice Works

Honestly, creating an account is painless. It’s quick — and free.

(Pro tip: You should never have to pay to sign up for a survey site.)

Here’s what to expect:

  1. Navigate to the VIP Voice log in.
  2. Fill out basic information. This takes less than three minutes.
  3. Start taking surveys.

Once you complete your profile, you’ll activate your account via email, then VIP Voice begins matching you with surveys, which you’ll complete for points. If you don’t qualify, it lets you know pretty quickly, and you’ll still receive participation points.

Here are some examples of VIP Voice surveys:

  • A 10-minute survey about yesterday’s lunch: 150 points.
  • A 10-minute survey about recent gas station/convenience store purchases: 100 points.
  • A two-minute survey about online shopping habits: 125 points.
  • A two-minute survey about clothes shopping habits: 150 points.

Earning VIP Voice Rewards

VIP Voice pay incentives are a little different from other survey sites. Instead of cash, you earn points, which you can use to enter sweepstakes through one of two platforms: BidLand or SweepLand.

The VIP Voice BidLand option allows you to participate in auctions. Use points to place bids on items or gift cards. For example, a $25 Amazon code might be up for auction. It’ll tell you the number of bidders, the number of points the highest bidder has entered and when the auction is over.

Screenshot of the Featured Auction page on VIP Voice's website.
Screen capture of VIP Voice’s ‘Featured Auctions’ page.

Some VIP Voice users have called the site “addictive.” This is the part they’re referring to.

The second option is called SweepLand, which allows you to enter sweepstakes. This requires less tactic and more luck. Prizes range from a trip to San Diego to a $5,000 VIP Voice scholarship to $1,000 cash to a folding umbrella.

A screenshot image of the Featured Prizes page on VIP Voice's website.
Screen capture of VIP Voice’s ‘Featured Prizes’ page.

Read the details on each prize. For example, you could enter to win $5,000 cash, but the prize might not be awarded for more than a month. If you’re looking for more immediate gratification, use your points for something else.

If you win, VIP Voice says it’ll email you, so add its email to your address book so it doesn’t get lost in junk.

The more surveys you take, the more you level up, and the more prizes you’ll qualify for.

The Pros and Cons of VIP Voice

Is this the best survey site for you? Let’s break down some of its pros and cons.

Pro: You Might Actually Qualify for Surveys

If it feels like you never qualify for surveys, chances are you will on VIP Voice.

I’ve tried dozens of survey sites only to get “We’re Sorry!” responses because I don’t meet the demographic criteria. With VIP Voice, I was actually able to take surveys.

Pro: You Won’t Get Strung Along

Along the same lines, it won’t cut you off 20 minutes into a survey to let you know you’re not qualified. It’ll let you know pretty quickly you’re not a match, and you’ll still earn some participation points.

Pro: You’re Not Plagued with Spam

Some survey sites inundate you with pop-up ads or will redirect you to third-party sites. VIP Voice doesn’t do that. You’ll stay within its website and won’t spend half your time fighting ads.

Pro: You Don’t Have to Enter Your Credit Card Information

Some survey sites are pretty sleazy and downright scammy. If you have trust issues, we don’t blame you. VIP Voice could be a great fit because you don’t have to enter any payment information to play along. It’s all about the points.

Pro: You Have a Chance to Win Some Big Prizes

Rather than watching a few cents trickle in here and there, you’ll be able to enter to win some big, perhaps life-changing, prizes. What if you banked $5,000 just for taking a few surveys?

Con: You Might Not Actually Win Cash

Comb through VIP Voice winners listed on its site from the past month, and you’ll see two folks who won cash prizes. One snagged a trip to the Bahamas. The rest of the featured winners took home appliances, including a patio heater and stainless steel microwave. The majority of the other winners received a $25 or $50 gift card.

It’s hard to tell what your chances of winning are. If you’re sinking hours into entering a luck-of-the-draw sweepstakes, this might not be worth it.

Con: You’ll Have to Spend Money to Use Your Prize

Say you do win a gift card. That’s awesome, but some winners have reported the gift card is the kind that requires you to spend a certain amount of money. For example, you could win a $25 gift card, but it might mean you need to spend $50 to even use it.

Is It Worth Your Time?

Is VIP Voice legit? Is VIP Voice safe? Yes and yes.

Is it worth your time? It depends on how you spend your time.

It doesn’t plague you with ads or even require you to enter payment information. There’s something to be said for that in today’s world of spammy survey sites.

No survey site is going to make you rich. However, VIP Voice in particular won’t compensate you with cash. Instead, you get points that you’ll enter for a chance to win something.

There are more effective ways to make money online, but if you’re just hanging out watching TV or waiting in line, then why not give VIP Voice a shot?

If you’re interested in other legitimate survey sites, we rounded up a few more options for you.

Carson Kohler ([email protected]) is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder. She likes the idea of earning money through survey sites, but she has a short attention span.